The Christ in Glory painting by Annibale Carracci is a 21 by 28 painting Premium Canvas Print. It is a museum quality canvas print and these are created with ultra-precision print technology that is fade-resistant on the artist’s work. It is an oil on canvas painting and it took about a year for Annibale to complete this work. The painting’s dimensions are 194 cm by 142 cm.

In the painting, Christ is seen seated on a cloud with both hands stretched out. On his right side is a man who is thought to be Moses holding the Ten Commandments and on the left is a lady placing her arm on her chest. Just below Christ and the two beings by his side is some people kneeling in adoration looking up to the clouds as Christ looks at them. In this painting, Annibale used great colours to emphasize on the glory of Christ. He used darker and lighter shades such as white for the clouds, strips of pink for the linen and a dark-shaded background. Since the background is dark, the entire focus is brought on Christ and all the other persons in the painting.

Christ in Glory is one of the largest and grandest paintings in the church and Annibale did this piece of art in a way that it portrays the more traditionally masculine themes of governance and authority. These themes are illustrated by how Christ’s enthronement is depicted in the painting. After rising from the dead Christ appears to his disciples and he is taken up into heaven as they see. By the virtue of Christ’s death, suffering and rejection, he attained eventual spiritual authority over all people and things and he became the head. This is a position that can’t be taken by any individual on Earth and the Christ in Glory painting serves as a reminder of Jesus’ authority.

Some images associated with this painting are those of the worship and adoration by his Christian subjects and angels. Apart from depicting sovereignty and authority, this painting also represents the seat of judgement whereby on the last day everyone will be held accountable of their sins and they will be presented before God’s throne for judgement. This is a painting that keeps reminding Christians and believers that Christ is supreme and everyone will be accountable and also forgiveness is offered by Jesus.

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