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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The powerful portraits of Artemisia Gentileschi make ideal choices as art print reproductions and her reputation has risen substantially over the past century due to the growing interest in the major female artists of the past.

There is also the additional element to her career of many considering the artist to be somewhat of a feminist icon. Some will want to appreciate her paintings as part of this overall respect for her achievements, and fine art prints can bring these artworks to your own home. Her dramatic lighting makes most of her creations particularly eye catching, as does the brutal content found in a number of them. Those looking for a more relaxed painting could consider her self portraits, some of which involve her dressing up as a figure from the past. These are more playful than the dramatic recreations of mythology but still display her impressive technical skills.

The Baroque style of Artemisia Gentileschi requires a good quality frame around the print in order to finish off the artwork in a professional, smart manner. It also has the additional benefit of protecting the print too, so it should last longer in pristine condition than if you simply placed an unframed piece on the wall. Aside from this, you might consider a small inlay mat which sits between print and frame, as this allows a certain amount of breathing space and provides a greater focus on the original artwork itself. Otherwise, things may feel a little bit packed. This will increase the overall dimensions of the artwork and incur additional costs in a larger frame, however.

The artist herself is well represented on a number of online art retailers who provide a good coverage of her career, with most of her major artworks offered. With copyright on her career having expired many centuries ago, there are no additional costs for them to uncur, so you may find that Artemisia Gentileschi art print reproductions are actually a little cheaper than those of more modern artists. It is worth paying for the best quality print possible so that you can appreciate the detail of each painting in as much clarity as possible and also so that the colour schemes are as faithful to the original as possible. You may have seen the original on display and require a print which correctly matches it, otherwise it would be a little disappointing when it arrives and perhaps some of the tones are visibly different.

We tend to find that the most popular art print orders are for artists from the early 20th century but there is still a considerable interest in artists from the Renaissance, Baroque and Romanticist eras. These artists provide the backbone to European art history and so their significance can never be overstated. The famous female painter that we find here also had an incredible backstory which adds a certain magic to her career, and even perhaps provided the inspiration to some of her incredible creations. With a growing interest in telling the stories of these forgotten women, it is likely that her career will continue to enjoy an increased focus which is more in line with the genuine qualities that she demonstrated throughout her career.

There remains a considerable interest in Renaissance art, although younger generations do tend to prefer more contemporary styles. The increased focus on female artists in recent years has allowed the likes of Gentileschi to suddenly receive much more exposure within the media as institutions attempt to make their exhibitions far more diverse. This can be achieved by including non-white artists as well as some female painters, when previously they had been rather ignored unfairly. This can be underlined by a major exhibition of her work within the UK that occurred fairly recently and may have helped the gallery to widen its audience with those looking to understand more about the female contributions to more traditional art movements, something that they may well have been completely unaware of previously. There have also been recent publications that have attempted to benefit from this increased interest by revealing different new findings on her career which otherwise may well never have taken place.

Those looking to pick a specific artwork that will get attention from visitors to your home might consider something particularly dramatic, and that is where this artist's work is just so suitable. Her Caravaggio-inspired paintings deliver contrasting light which focuses your eyes on the key elements of each painting. The backgrounds are often completely darkened, which helps to create a strong atmosphere akin to watching a well produced movie. It is easy to see why so many artists followed in the footsteps, stylistically, of Caravaggio and wanted to take what he had produced and add their own ideas on top. There were so many who did this that the term Caravaggio-esque was created in order to group some of these figures together and they themselves produced genuinely impressive oeuvres by themselves, going far beyond just recreating what had gone before.

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