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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on January 14, 2024
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Art print reproductions of Murillo's stunning portraits remain very much in demand.


Bartolome Esteban Murillo's career highlights feature prominently within studies of 17th century art, and despite losing some popularity in the years that followed, many still adore his work. Murillo prints can suit modern homes, despite his traditional artistic style.

Murillo's religious paintings are particularly respected, and late in his career he evolved his style into a misty, almost romantic approach in which humanity and religion would be fused together. Christians will add Murillo prints to their home as a means to celebrate specific themes from the Bible, and this artist regularly re-visited many of these topics, becoming highly knowledgeable and polished over time.

Qualities of Murillo's Paintings

Aside from his bold and complex religious artworks which were enfused with emotion, Murillo also helped to document the lives of more ordinary folk through his portraits. He tackled scenes covering the lower levels of society at a time when most artists were still only concerned with those wealthy enough to reward them financially.

Murillo's religious scenes were considerable in number and his success led to continual requests to re-visit certain Christian themes, in which he had already achieved considerable success. The Immaculate Conception, for example, appears over two dozen times and he would also sometimes merge different narratives together within the same composition.

Whilst many of these works were intended for local churches, they could today work well in our own homes as art print reproductions. He loved to use bright colors for drapery and his backgrounds helped create a dreamy quality to his scenes.

Popular Paintings as Art Prints

The Vision of Saint Anthony of Padua, The Immaculate Conception of El Escorial and The Immaculate Conception of Los Venerables provide perhaps the best examples of Murillo's work with religious content. These are also popular choices as art prints, presumably for those who wish to see Bible passages delivered in a visual treat.

In terms of his portraiture away from religion, the likes of The Young Beggar and Two Women at a Window are also both regularly requested by those with knowledge of his career. These help to capture life from the 17th century, and truly bring history to life.

Types of Prints and other Products

There is a huge variety of print to choose from, spread across hundreds of different sellers. You might opt for the finest quality paper, such as giclee, or something more affordable. Much will depend on the precision that you require, and the budget that you have. Framing is another thing to consider, including style and size of frame, and also whether to add a small inside card around the artwork to bring space between frame and painting.

Ways to use your Prints

The style of Murillo is best suited to a home display, with modern offices tending to be better suited to contemporary art. That said, a careful choice of frame can still allow his paintings to flourish in any environment, particularly because of his boldness with color.

One option might be the furnish a room with multiple paintings from his career, or perhaps group some prints alongside other related artists (see Francisco de Zurbarán, Jusepe de Ribera and Alonso Cano), from 17th century Spain. Further rooms could then follow different artistic styles and periods, bringing an interesting variety across your property.

Cheaper Alternatives for Tight Budgets

There are a growing number of people who are choosing to print their own paintings at home, and this can really reduce costs considerably. Cheap wooden frames can be acquired in standard sizes, and then prints can be made at home to a reasonable level of quality even from a standard printer.

High resolution images can be found online for most major artists, particularly for those whose copyrights have ceased. These good quality images are essential, though many sources exist offering these, including for artist Murillo, specifically.


In conclusion, Murillo prints remain popular in Spain, as well as elsewhere in Europe. Religious followers find his work amongst the best in picturing scenes from the Bible, and some of the artist's other portraits are also still highly regarded. For those with traditional tastes, his color choices were majestic, and his imagery bold and impactful, making Murillo a perfect choice for framed art prints.