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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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It is an excellent piece of art done by the late Berthe Morisot. In this painting, she has eloquently displayed the picture of a woman catching butterflies with her children. This woman's pose is risky and elegant as she holds out a ratchet to catch flying butterflies.

According to the painting, it seems that she was carried away in the process. Morisot brought about a magical picture of the three figures in a park. The kids do not seem to comprehend what's up as they do not look like they are assisting her in catching the butterflies. The painting brings out maximum color accuracy and a very vivid image with at most resolution.

Berthe painted with her sisters Edma and Yves. They were mentored and taught by Joseph Guichard and Geoffroy-Alphonse Chocarne. They had initially started as a practice to make a drawing for their father's birthday. All of them had to draw their father. Guichard also introduced the girls to the Louvre gallery. He ran a school in Rue des Moulins, and this is where Berthe and the sisters learned copying paintings. Guichard introduced them to the famous artwork of Gavarni, too, as a mentorship program.

Brief Background

At first, Morisot was never pleased with most of her projects. She ended up destroying most of the artworks she had produced before 1869. She started painting using water only, but after some time, she became interested in painting using pastel. After mastering well the art, she could now comfortably make use of oil in her artworks. She started now applying the three in her work without any difficulty. The Butterfly Hunt was done using oil and was drawn on a canvas. It only means that the painting becomes more visible with a resounding resolution, and it will also remain intact for a long time. The art can be seen at Musee d'Orsay in Paris, France.

Some of Morisot other Works

Her artwork was quite delicate. She never used grays or black colors in her paintings, but instead, she used a wide array of bright colors, which brought out the best of her mastery in her art. Her work included boating scenes, portraits, landscapes, and garden settings. She also brought out themes on intimacy and comfort of domestic life and family life. Her paintings never did marvelous commercially when she was alive. Morisot drawings and paintings included:

  • Un Village, 1895. This piece was curated using pastel by Morisot
  • Portrait of Edma Pontillion, 1869. The artwork included a young woman who was seated at the window. She is the artist's sister
  • Study: At the Water's Edge, 1864. It was one of her initial paintings when she was starting
  • Le Berceau, 1872. Oil
  • In a park, 1974. Edma and her kids
  • The Psyche, 1876, (The Cheval Glass)