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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Prints of Berthe Morisot's Impressionist paintings are becoming more and more popular. Modern society is starting to treat female artists with the respect that they deserve, finally.

For an artist to be considered a major part of this movement, whilst facing the additional barriers that women came up against at this time, underlines the strength of character and superb qualities as an artist that she possessed. You can learn more about Morisot's personality from our list of quotes. Morisot's unique addition to this movement was the female perspective which allowed her to use impressionist techniques on slightly different content. The male artists may have produced portraits of women but they would never have the same delicate touch and intimacy and Morisot's paintings such as The Cradle.

The Impressionist movement has received as much love from the public as almost any other art movements. Its main problem is that there were only a handful of artists involved at the time, when compared to the huge numbers who made up the Italian Renaissance, for example. This leaves a huge focus on the small number of artists that were involved in the few exhibitions that they held. A slightly unbalanced attention has been awarded to Monet, whose paintings are reproduced as prints right across the world and will be for seemingly centuries to come. He is the absolute pinnacle of the group, but sometimes his popularity is at the detriment of others members of the group.

Those looking to buy Morisot prints will be pleased to learn that most online retailers are able to offer a full selection of their work due to the copyright having expired from all of the impressionist artists' work. This helps to keep prices down too, with no additional costs to be incurred by the retailer, as opposed to other more recent artists. Morisot's style is best suited to a small and simple frame which can protect the print but without taking any attention away from the artwork. A more decorative frame would be used for something like a Rococo painting, or perhaps something from the Renaissance. Most online companies selling art prints will have a wide selection of frames to pick from, including variations in material, colour and design.

Which of Morisot's large oeuvre prove to be the most popular for art print reproductions? Currently The Cradle, Woman at her Toilette, Eugène Manet on the Isle of Wight and The Harbour at Lorient dominate the selections of this artist's supporters. They will have different reasons for making these choices, though. Some will go purely for aesthetic value whilst others will appreciate the display of the love between mother and child or the representation of women in strong, confident portraits.