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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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In an open friendly setting, yet amongst the long grasses for privacy In A Park, perhaps close by, a young woman has been helping one of her two children catch butterflies before proceeding to the younger sibling of whom she is now introducing to the family dog.

Demonstrating a perfect time, for, the child is soon to be exploring. In A Park is far more than what the title suggests. This particular painting is very much showing life's first lessons curated from a family's most precious resources in which time, trust and patience may be given. It is as if all three may be seen developing within this family through a respect for themselves and all that surrounds.

In A Park (Dans le parc) is as delicate as it is strong. A particular usage of pastels creating light and corresponding colours having been portrayed to keep In A Park a timeless painting of remarkable properties through placements of shading, shaping and almost movement waiting. All of these attributes bring with them a wonderful insight into the importance of family through role play, highlighting each members value, significance and competence. A moment, a day, whichever it is, the time and opportunity they spend as a family In a Park is stunningly accurate for purpose, combining both leisure and lesson into the one place and time (which truly has proven to be of all time).

Learning how to paint outdoor scenes from landscape painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corotand showing strong similarities with the bold yet softened tones witnessed in the works of Edouard Manet, In A Park reveals the skills learnt and how Edouard and Berthe influenced each others work. Interestingly it was the same year In A Park came into being that Berthe wed Edouards younger brother Eugene. At 33 years of age, in 1874, painted in Paris on paper, her own family members as subjects, bringing women and girls alike out from the background of life and with those beautifully confident soft tones and capture of light that also depicts time and shadow (true to the transient type period painting known as impressionism) In A Park is a perfect example of the works of Berthe Morisot.