The two artists mostly painted on same scenes Pissaro having introduced Cezanne into painting perky colours. Particularly, The Vegetable Garden picture was painted in Pontoise where Pissaro lived on the Quaidu Pothius. Pissaro chose to paint it as it was on the slope of a large Hermitage that was constructed in a great style. Although the two artists wanted to paint it to completion, Cezanne’s painting never got beyond a sketch.

The art is a painting of bright spring colours under the sky defining the aesthetic view of orchards at spring. It is gracefully decorated with beautiful flowers and blooms as well as tree trunks with branches which made it look more stunning. Painting it during spring created such a striking view therefore it made some difference to him. His character of being a persevering man made him wish to make it an ideal picture of a landscape that had not been damaged by wind or heavy rain. His wish was to make it look picture-perfect with its beautiful flowers during the spring season.

Among the styles that he used in his work include NeoImpressionism and Realism. This was in addition to the main one which was pure impressionism. His works included painting different themes ranging from portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, still life and genres. Impressionism used light as one of the materials required in painting. The painters viewed it as colour, life and time itself. Pissaro therefore also used it as a material in his paintings as it was seen as a unifying in any painting. Other materials included, colour palettes, and brush.

Camille Pissaro being one of the core founders of impressionism movement wanted to show people the effects of tone and colour in nature. Some of his inspirations included the works of Claude Monet. Monet particularly had painted other orchards at spring time although his work was less lyrical. However, he did not forget how important the structure and composition of his paintings were in contrast to how Monet mainly focused on the appearance of paint in his.

He was also influenced by people such as Camille Corot, Jean Francois Millet and Charles Francois Courbet who were previously associates of Barbizon School of Landscape painting. Two years later, Pissaro's work inspired Vincent Van Gogh who used superb pink and white colours to show how inherent the spring period is.