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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Neubrandenburg was a painting of the town that Casper David Friedrich lived in with the rest of his family. It captures the landscape and bushes around which two human figures stand. The image also shows some hazy clouds in the foreground and background.

Viewers can see an outline of buildings in the background too. The image capture the natural beauty of the area without too much detail in the image. Caspar has taken time to play with shadows and different hues to determine various parts of the image. While not going for full colour, he still gives the viewer a glimpse of what is happening in the picre. One can also tell that it is daytime and that the weather was good at the day of painting the image. He used oil on canvas to paint the image. The image was painted between 1816 and 1817 and sits at Pomeranian State Museum, Greifswald, Germany.

Style of Painting

Casper David Fiedrich has used Romanticism style of painting to create the landscape masterpiece. Romanticism was a literature movement in the early 19th century that encouraged artists to express their emotions and individual taste. It also encouraged them to explore the past and bring out the best of nature in their paintings. According to this style of painting, what the painter felt was the law by which he or she would paint the image. In line the style of painting, David has one with medieval instead of classicism in bringing the realistic feel of the land.

In addition, he has not added effects or shapes in the image that the reader may not see with his or her eyes. Romanticism brought about the beauty of the ancient town that he grew up before issues of overpopulation, extensive land use and other problems set in. It shows how the town felt and looked, the stillness of the expansive green fields, pathways leading to various parts of the town and sheer pristine beauty that one could see when looking deep into the horizon.

His Inspiration

Neubrandenburg is one of the many landscape paintings that Caspar dis of his childhood town. Later in life, he returned to the city and started working in a studio in the father’s home producing great images of his hometown. This was his primary motivation for creating the images. The romanticism movement in Copenhagen where he studied and the spirituality feel that he adopted also inspired him. Despite that his work was not fully admired in his alter part of life, he gained prominence long after his death when people rediscovered the stillness that was associated with many of his masterpieces. Romanticism painters after him looked at his work for inspiration and emulated it in terms of stillness and beauty.