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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edouard Manet's painting, The Blonde with Bare Breasts, offers a glimpse into the classic style of impressionism through the nude piece of a woman.

The oil on canvas piece was painted in 1878 in Paris, France, showcasing a new wave of fresh nude tones and gleaming light. Edouard Manet's impressionist technique influenced a new genre of art, as Edouard Manet is known as the forefather of impressionism painting. The painting, The Blonde with Bare Breasts, manifests a sexual allure to piece. The nude portrait illustrates a beautiful woman arched away from the viewer.

The woman is dresses in a white lace piece, opened at the front showcasing her breasts. The painting engulfs the viewer through a sexual perspective as the painting suggests the woman is showcasing her breasts and posing. The woman has light brown hair, and rosy cheeks that suggest an emotion of embarrassment for the viewer. On her head, she wears a nude-yellow hat, paired with red flowers on top decorating her. The viewer in brought into question regarding the hair colour of the muse, as the title suggests a blonde, the women within the painting is a brunette.

The white lace strategically accentuates the body of the women, creating a sophisticated angle. Edouard Manet is a prominent artist in painting the female body in all its forms and characteristics. The Blonde with Bare Breasts, was painted in a studio Manet was lent by his colleague where he met his muse. The woman within the painting was named Marguerite, and was considered a chubby model. Manet accentuated this idea through painting excess weight under her chin, however appreciated her size through painting voluptuous breasts. Manet had successfully shaded the areas in between the model’s breasts, adding to perfected form they are displayed in.

The colours Edouard Manet used for The Blonde with Bare Breasts were light nudes to manifest her body and face. A light orange is used on the muse’s face to up raise the emotion of embarrassment and to paint the nipples. The critical elements of the painting are showcased through the exquisite technique used to paint the white lace clothing the model is covered in. The detailed technique suggests the she is clothed in a rich white lace, adding an intimate feel to the piece.

Additionally, the red flowers on her hat add for a natural allure to the piece. The background transcends to a darker feels, with rich greens and turquoise illuminating her body, followed by lighter salad coloured greens mixed in. The piece is one of Manet’s classics, showcasing his impressionist technique and in depth detail.