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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The work of Edouard Manet was highly influential during the rise of French impressionism in the mid 19th century. Here we discuss art print reproductions of his work.

His finest oil paintings are frequently sought after as high quality art prints. Manet's extensive career has plenty to offer, covering landscapes, portraits and still life. Impressionism, plus other movements that fringed upon it, offer a classic style of art which I neither too traditional, nor too modern. Many will choose art print reproductions based on famous art that influenced the development of particular movements. Others will choose aesthetically pleasing artwork that suits the style of their home.

A Bar at the Folies Bergeres, Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe and Olympia are currently the most popular art print choices. There is then a spread across around a hundred of his lesser known paintings covering several still lifes, some portraits and also his work on French cafe life. There has also been a growing interest in some of his drawings recently, often from those looking to find a stripped down version of his work, where technical details can be studied and learnt from.

Even the most occasional art fan will likely come across this artist's work eventually, due to his connection to Claude Monet, who remains world famous. Those more knowledgable will be well aware of his career highlights, as well as the style of his work. His art is also on display in most major international galleries which helps to keep his reputation in all of our minds and the impressionist movement in general continues to be supremely popular. It also feels modern enough to attract younger crowds, whilst retaining a connection to traditional art for those of that persuasion. The content is also charming to most, with landscape views of the French countryside plus scenes of upper-middle class society enjoying leisure time.

Once you have decided to look for a Manet print, and perhaps have already selected the artwork to go for, what are things need to be considered? There are many retailers available online who have large collections of Manet pieces to pick from. Copyright won't be an issue here, as the artist passed away so long ago. The size is the main thing to consider, and this will also have a great impact on price. The space available in the room in which it is to be hung with be the main consideration but you might also think about the style of the image itself, where detailed paintings may not work at a very small size, where nothing much can be seen, even up close. One might go for a Kandinsky print or a Miro print, if it is to be a really small reproduction, as they produced a lot of abstract art.

Depending on where you are purchasing the print from, you may also need to consider shipping costs and international tax. The best solution is normally to order from companies within your own nation, as there will normally be a decent company or two available who offer a professional service and high quality products. This will also ensure that your product arrives fairly quickly soon, as the process of printing and potentially framing the picture are not overly complex. If you do desire a frame, this will also increase costs in most cases, because of the additional weight now being delivered to your door. Some of Manet's more famous paintings will be regularly ordered and so customer reviews may have been left previously, to give you an expectation around quality. A final point to consider is the original size of the painting - perhaps you want yours to match exactly the same dimensions used by the artist all those years ago.

What if we look beyond Manet, which other artists might one consider? Well, we mentioned Miro or Kandinsky for followers of abstract art, but what about some choices which better match Manet's own approach? Perhaps the best option might well be Degas prints, with a selection of beautiful ballerina portraits spearheading an exceptional oeuvre. He also took on scenes from horse race meetings too on a number of occasions and, again, there are the scenes of city life in Paris which continue to excite so many art followers in the present day. In all, there are thousands of different artworks to pick from, including hundreds just from Manet's career. Take your time to pick the right one, as well as considering the best retailer to go with. Another option is to buy several prints and then rotate them around the rooms of your home every now and again, just to refresh things every once in a while.