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Hang Degas' stunning paintings on your wall as framed art prints

Degas Prints are amongst the best within the famous Impressionist art movement and Edgar Degas has become a much-loved and frequently studied French painter who we cover in detail within DegasPrints.org as well as offering print reproductions of his best oil paintings for sale from recommended retailer, Art.com who we use ourselves. Amongst Degas' finest paintings were The Bellelli Family, Woman with Chrysanthemums, Chanteuse de Café and At the Milliner's but his career was extensive, and a full list of his paintings and prints can be found in the Degas prints gallery which is linked to above.

Check it out to see many more of his paintings, with all fields covered in which Degas was involved, such as painting, sculpture and drawing. After achieving academic approval during his lifetime, Degas went onto to influence and inspire many new artists since his death in 1917, including the following as a brief but prominent selection of painters - Mary Cassatt, Jean-Louis Forain, Walter Sickert and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Those interested in Toulouse-Lautrec prints can find them here.

Degas's career is best remembered by the art public for two series of paintings which covered much of his career and his list of best contributions. Firstly there were series of paintings related to horse racing which captured the excitement of the occasion as wel as the beauty of the horses themselves. Secondly were several beautiful series of sketches, pencil and pastel drawings and art prints based on ballet dancers from different angles and settings. This website is just one of many great resources that contain information on Edgar Degas with the most common topics that interested people search for including Degas Prints, Stretched Canvases, art prints, framed paintings, cheap posters, buy Degas Giclee prints and Edgar Degas art.

List of Famous Edgar Edgar Paintings

Aside from Danseuse, Edgar Degas also produced the following famous French oil paintings:

  • Woman with Chrysanthemums
  • Chanteuse de Café
  • At the Milliner's
  • Portrait of the Bellelli Family
  • Young Spartans Exercising
  • The Amateur
  • Horseracing in Longchamps
  • Portrait of Miss Cassatt, Seated, Holding Cards
  • At the Café-Concert: The Song of the Dog
  • The Singer with the Glove
  • Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando
  • The Millinery Shop
  • Ballet Rehearsal
  • Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers (Star of the Ballet)
  • Stage Rehearsal
  • Dancers at The Bar
  • Woman in the Bath
  • L'Absinthe
  • Place de la Concorde
  • The Tub, Musicians in the Orchestra
  • La Toilette (Woman Combing Her Hair)
  • The Bath - Woman Supporting her Back
  • At the Races
  • The Dance Class (La Classe de Danse)
  • Kneeling Woman
  • The New Orleans Cotton Exchange
  • After the Bath, Woman Drying her Nape
  • The Absinthe Drinker
  • Spartan Girls Challenging Boys
  • Ballet Rehearsal on Stage
  • Women Ironing
  • Woman Combing Her Hair
  • Blue Dancers
  • Dance Class
  • Dancing Class
  • Two dancers on the stage
  • Dance school
  • The Dance lesson
  • The Dance foyer at the Opera
  • Four Dancers
  • The Star
  • Dancers Practising at the Bar
  • Dancer at the Photographers