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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edouard painted the rich people enjoying themselves at social events. He was very familiar with the Paris streets and he included them in his works. He liked to paint people in social science and he also liked showing them drinking beer.

This was one of the controversial details in his paintings. He would show others chatting, waiting for someone or reading books. He would paint things he would see on the spot also. The Good Glass of Beer painting is still recreated by some artists. He is said to have left approximately 420 paintings. These painting are very influential to the mordern artist even to date. Edouard Manet did not stop painting even in his late years. He focused on painting a portrait of his wife and completing some of his works. In 1882 his last work was displayed at the Salon it was called the "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère". His work showed a very different world when compared to other paintings by other artists. He was never afraid of painting the unusual and the is why his work stood out. He opened up a another world of painting which was unknown at the time, all these inspired other artists to go beyond.

Edouard Manet was a French painter born in 1832. He was born in Paris to a very well up and connected family. His mother was from a very famous and rich family and his father was a judge. His father wanted Edouard to follow in his foot steps and go for a law career. It is only after he had failed the navy test twice that his father allowed him do art. His uncle, however, was very supportive from Manet's young years encouraging him to enrol for a drawing class. This is where he would meet his life long friend Antonin Proust. Who later became the minister of Fine arts. Monet was never a shy person and he loved socializing and making friends.

He was a very talented painter painting a variety of styles throughout his life. He painted historic objects, Religious and he also painted beggers, people in cafes and singers. He was among the first artists to paint the modern life and some critics didn't like his work. This didn't stop young artists from emulating his work and generally embracing his perspective. He proved to them that he was worth all the attention his art was getting with all him amazing arts. Edouard was unique in both his personality and art work. It is no wander he was good friends with some famous artists such as Claude Monet.