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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edouard Manet's painting, Spring Study of Jeanne Demarsy, manifests the beautiful allure of a Parisian woman enjoying a spring day.

The artists used the realist painting technique to illuminate the character of the woman, alongside pay a stronger attention to the detail of the work. Jeanne Demarsy was an uprising Parisian actress illuminated within the piece; the painting was met with an immense amount of success from critics. The painting, Spring Study of Jeanne Demarsy, illustrates a beautiful woman dressed in a chic floral dress that accentuates the muse’s waist. The woman accessories her floral dress with yellow gloves that perfectly hug her hands. The woman holds an umbrella in a similar shade as her gloves, with a brown wooden base. The top of the umbrella flows into white lace ruffles, adding a glimpse of luxury to the outfit. The actress pairs her outfit with a flamboyant hat, covered in roses and orange flowers.

The base of the hat continues into a black silk ribbon tied around the front of the model’s neck. Similarly to the umbrella, the hat is detailed with a delicate white lace that ruffles at the front of the hat. The woman carries a sophisticated allure to her as she carries her umbrella and looks away from the viewers. It is well known that the woman acknowledges the presents of the viewer, however turns away in a powerful form. The woman’s jawline is significantly defined, leading to her orange coloured lips and petite pointy nose. The woman stares ahead with large brown eyes, extended through long black eyelashes. From under the hat, the viewer is able to see a glimpse of black curly hair, contouring the surroundings of her face.

The woman’s luxurious attire is paired with her sophisticated stare she transcends into the distance. There is a flirty sexual allure the woman holds against the viewer, as she feels their presence but turns away confidence. The background of the painting is a lush greenery that accentuates the model while adding colour into the portrait. Green scrubs with a few pink flowers fill the background, matching the floral design of the woman’s dress. The piece successfully illustrates the confidence and beauty of Parisian woman that transcends through history. The spring portrait of the up rising actress showcases the style of the period, reflecting the natural nature at the time. Manet successfully incorporates the realism technique in painting the woman, however blends the background into a more impressionist style.