In the current Italian, it's called Beato Angelico. In 1982, Pope John Paul II affirmed his canonization in gratitude for the sanctity of his life. Being a famous artist is not easy because he had to struggle to produce the best painting of all time. And that's exactly what he did. He was not alone but had acquired facts from friends who were more than willing to help him shape his abilities. Among the people who inspired him were: the painter Lorenzo Monaco and his participation in the Sienese school marked in his work. His involvement in the church sharpened his works and he understood all aspects of Christian.

It was there that he had the idea to paint this incredible splash The death and the assumption of the Virgin. This photo was among the most appreciated works of art. It is perfectly designed and portrays a landscape that was undoubtedly heavenly, and it's more about the subject. This magnificent painting by Fra Angelico clearly shows the Notion of the Virgin Mary and her ascent to heaven immediately beyond a perspective spotted on her dead body. It is perfectly described in a beautiful environment.

Fra Angelico operated at a time when the elegance of the portrait was changing. This process of modification began a hundred years before the works of Giotto and Giusto de Menabuoi, who had both fashioned their major works in Padua and painted a cycle of murals of St. Francis. To bring out the best paintings, Fra Angelico did not choose other techniques than the technique of construction and gilding. This technique is known to give the best painting of all time. The procedure followed in this amazing technique is simple and fast.

The technique of construction and gilding is an ornamental technique that enhances the beauty and protects from any building element by spreading on solid facades such as wood, stone, glass or metal, in order to generate a brilliant and exceptional. Gold is the material used in this amazing technique and is weather-resistant, making it a shiny metal for use outdoors and indoors, providing a protective layer for an unprotected architectural element. External embellishment can last several years if properly spread and intact, and gilding indoors can last several years. The two main methods of trimming are oil and water gilding, but the conclusion is not appropriate for outdoor details. Do you want to buy this extraordinary work of art? This work and some of Fra Angelico's magnificent works of art are located at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. There is much to appreciate and learn.