He represented his subjects costumed in stylish and lavish clothing of exceptional color and quality, made him famous and earned him uncomparable success. Dicksee, having been born and raised in an artistic family background, his father was as well renown painter. The father, Thomas Dicksee, taught both Frank and his sister how to paint from an early age. In the year 1970, Frank Dicksee joined the Royal Academy, where he progressed his painting skills and excelled, leading to his election as the Academy's President in the year 1924.

In the year 1921, Sir Frank Dicksee exhibited during the first exhibition held by the Society of Graphic Art that took place in the city of London. His artwork, Beatrice Stuart, which he painted using pencil on paper, is one of the success he ever did during his painting time. The painting was painted on a textured watercolor paper that is colorful and of high quality. The giclee print was used in painting this piece of art whereby millions of ink particles get sprayed across the surface of a high-quality painting paper. The smoother mixture of various color droplets makes giclee prints look more realistic as compared to other types of prints. This makes Frank Dicksee's Beatrice Stuart painting exceptional and classy.

Even though Dicksee was a Realist artist, at some point in his painting, he got influenced significantly by the Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic art groups. The influence is evident in Frank's portraits, including his picture of Beatrice Stuart through the content as well as the themes he covered. The essential establishment in Frank's works of art were his aptitudes as a painter, a medium that he had put immense significance on. The painter rehearsed his picture painting seriously during his entire painting career and never endeavored to shift away from his disciplined methodology, which originated from long periods of scholarly preparedness. While others were beginning to realize new types of articulation, this English painter and artist would tenaciously proceed with his preferred way of presenting his artworks.

Sir Frank Dicksee was born on 27 Nov 1853 in London, United Kingdom, and died on 17 Oct 1928. Dicksee was a British Victorian painter, well famous for his unique paintings of dramatic literature scenery, legendary pictures, as well as historical scenes. Besides, he was a renowned painter for fashionable women paintings, most of which made him famous during his era. Specifically, his art "Beatrice Stuart" made him successful during his painting career.