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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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This famous British artist's paintings are popular as art print reproductions and there are many to choose from within his extensive career. This section discusses which Dicksee prints you might go for.

Frank Dicksee's highlights include The Two Crowns, Harmony, The End of the Quest, The Funeral of a Viking and Passion and these serve as some of the more frequently requested pieces for poster and print reproductions. His career also went much further than this, and many retailers offer around one hundred different artworks from his ouevre. Some prefer to offer a smaller selection, because his career is not as popular as some of the spearheads of British art, such as John William Waterhouse, William Turner and William Morris. Dicksee is amongst the next group who were highly skilled and respected, but not quite as internationally famous or influential.

The charming themes used by this artist have proved popular with the public, and it is those same people who purchase such reproductions. The views of academics is almost irrelevant to them, all they care about is the pure aesthetic value of an artwork and not any deeping meanings, generally speaking. Medieval themes are charming to many, giving a pure atmosphere and romantic influence from literature, with the visual version of them allowing us to add these themes to our own homes. You might add a frame to some of these artist's work in order to complete a tidier finish as well as protecting the printed piece. Additionally, you might consider a small inlay card that lies between frame and print, allowing the artwork to keep the full focus.

Online you will find plenty of different retailers who cover British art, with it proving most popular within the UK as well as across the pond in the US. These two nations also own the vast majority of original artworks from the major British artists, with many part of the collections of major institutions, allowing us to see them up close. Some of the main sellers online will naturally target the largest market in the US, and this has ensured that British artists from this popular period are well presented. For example, other frequently reproduced artists include Holman Hunt, Rossetti, Godward and Alma Tadema. There remains an innocent beauty to many of these paintings which continues to charm many of us, though this is just one period that produces that, alongside the likes of the French impressionists and also the European-wide Realist painters. Tastes can change from one generation to the next, but currently there seems to be a wider acceptance of all manner of different approaches, reflecting a more democratic and open minded art public.

Each of those artists are also well represented online if you wish to learn more about their own careers. Each famous name from art history is connected to other notable artists, both in being influenced themselves and also in leaving a legacy that then impacts those who followed. It is the trail of art history which started during the Early Renaissance and continued all the way up to the present day, with a whole host of different art movements in between. Dicksee himself holds a significant part within the history of British art but is not entirely influential if we look at the continent as a whole. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of contributors like this who played their own role within overall movements, having more of a local influence amongst groups of artists, rather than specifically changing art history by themselves. Either way, Dicksee prints are very popular today, with the public appreciating the classical style of his work which combined beauty and elegance but also with bright colour schemes which draw in more contemporary influences.

If you decide to go for a print, from any of the artists mentioned here, there are several things that you might want to consider prior to selecting your product. Firstly, this style of art used by the likes of Dicksee is ideally suited to an elegant frame which can both protect the print but also provides a beautiful finish that will look even better when hung on your wall. You will need to consider the additional costs of that, though, as well as they will be much more expensive than an unframed artwork. There will also be extra costs for delivery, as the weight will be impacted too. It is always best to order from a seller who is based in your own country, to avoid any unwanted surprises with regards taxes on import. Most major countries will have a wide selection of different retailers available, so spend some time looking through them and judging which is best suited to your own personal needs.

Some artworks can be made even more attractive with some fine tuning at the customisation stage. For example, you may be presented with different options such as what type of cover it is that sits over the artwork - it maybe a plastic or glass cover, with different options having different weights and effects on things like light reflection. You might also add a small card that sits between frame and print - these can really help the artwork to breathe effectively and should not be very expensive, although it will naturally widen the artwork a little. These come in all manner of different colours and materials, though most will go for card and normally a fairly neutral colour such as white, so as to avoid taking any attention away from the main focal point. The more professional and established retailers tend to offer more of these options and are an excellent way of getting the item just to your taste.