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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Passion by Frank Dicksee is a masterpiece with a romantic appeal. It is a medieval-style painting comprising of allegorical, literary, and biblical characters wearing lavish costumes of high-end color. This paint earned him popularity and great success.

The oil on canvas painting captures a woman resting lazily on a sofa bed. The fine woman has flawless skin. She casts her eyes lazily into space. She is in a red, well-patterned dress. The dress looks like an extension of the veil at the back of her seat. The lady is adorned in fine jewelry. Her golden bracelets contrast her pearl necklace that sits well around her neck. Her left arm sits on the left-wing of the chair, which has a leopard's skin over it. The leopard skin extends from the left-wing onto the chair, including the base of the chair.

Her right arm sits in a folded position on the right-wing of the chair. The sleeve on her right-hand does not cover the full length of the arm. It, therefore, exposes a fair amount of her arm. This deliberate move by Frank Dicksee allows a viewer to admire the adorable bracelet on the woman's wrist. Her bracelet is not the only sight to behold. The right arm of the chair is covered by a luxurious, golden garment that hides the fabric of the chair. At the front on the right arm of the chair is a golden vase that holds beautiful, white petaled flowers.

Light gushes into the room from the right side, and it fades into a darker shade towards the left side of the room. A medieval window lets rays of light seep into the room, but not at a high intensity. The left side of the room is fairly dark. Frank Dicksee's shading skills painted a good picture of a medieval room, which enhanced the uniqueness of this painting.

Her folded legs are covered with an ankle-length golden brown, silk pants that leave her feet exposed. The white, red, and black patterned sofa chair extends into the room All the details in the painting come together to form a complete image of pure luxury set in medieval times. Other Frank Dicksee paintings include Chivalry, The Funeral Viking, Romeo and Juliet, Harmony, The Daughters of Eve, The End of the Quest, Romeo and Juliet, The Two Crowns, The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy, Mary Frances Mackenzie and The Symbol.