Throughout the painting, it is evident that he had a keen eye not only to the human anatomy but also to the environment. It is why every inclusion is perfectly made, and the finishing is wonderful, therefore, delivering an exemplary piece of painting. Frank Dicksee uses oil on canvas to develop The Daughters of Eve painting. Oil seems to be his favourite medium, given that it is what he used to create multiple paintings before and after this artwork. What is even more enthralling is his ability to come up with appealing inclusions that make the whole piece surreal. Despite being an old piece of artwork, Frank Dicksee is able to deliver one of the best paintings to date.

The painting is feature-rich. On the canvas, painter Frank Dicksee is able to display his imagination in a rather unique way. He takes his ample time to develop the main characters by not only capturing their postures perfectly but also their facial expressions. From the artwork, the oldest daughter of Eve is seen slightly leaning on a table with a piece of white clothing. She tries to pull one of the branches down so that the youngest child can reach the fruit.

She does so gently and effortlessly while her eyes are fixated on the kid. The kid, on the other hand, is seen trying to stretch so that she can meet the oncoming fruit. The body language between the two characters is fantastic, and that is something that indicates how well Frank Dicksee understood art. On the lower left side of the painting, there is a doll that seems to be neglected due to the ongoing activity. The flowering grass on the ground is well painted, and to make it stand out, he adds some small shrubberies on different sections of the painting.

He then goes ahead to add a detailed background that features a natural forest with thick vegetation cover. To avoid any unwarranted distraction, he paints the forest a few meters from the main subjects. The main characters in the painting casually dressed. The elder daughter is in a white top with rolled-up sleeves. And has a blue skirt with a white half apron. Below, she has brown stockings and brown shoes. The kid, on the other hand, wears a pink dress, white socks, and brown shoes. Every aspect of the painting is well delivered, and the inclusions are well placed to achieve a fantastic piece of art. The Daughters of Eve painting’s current location is unknown.