The color used in Portrait of a Lady in a Laced Edged Dress, is a mix of dark and bright colors. The dark dull colors are used in the background and in some portion of the dress to bring out the bright color on the main subject and the upper part of the dress. Besides the lady, on the left side are brightly colored flowers in a vessel. The colors are complementary because upon looking at the main subject, the lady, the eyes of a viewer moves from the whites laced parts, down the darker parts of the dress and farther into the darker background.

The tone of the color in the Portrait of a Lady in a Laced Edged Dress can be said to be contrasting but smooth. Its composition is largely the lady who is central, on the foreground of the paint. Different elements have been highlighted to bring out the picture of an affluent character. Gold chains and bracelets are clearly visible and a ring with probable a natural gem on its top. she is also holding a book with a red recover: could be a bible, personal journal or a novel.

The mood in Portrait of a Lady in a Laced Edged Dress is calm, peaceful, relaxed, happy and thought provoking. Different emotions are likely to invoke from the admirer of this art work, from the lady's smile to her age. The source of light in the paint is artificial since its done in an enclosed environment. It is a minimal, side lit from the left side illuminating across the paint up to the right side. The background is dark due to the absence of light.

Frank Dicksee was influenced into painting by his father Thomas Dicksee. His work, The Funeral of a Viking 1893, was influential in the cover album of Hammerheart by Swedish Viking Black metal band Bathory. Other paintings by Frank Dicksee is Chivaivry 1885, Lady Palmer, An Offering, La Belle Dame sans Merci and Romeo and Juliet.