The idea for the painting entails the portrait of Elsa, the daughter of the prominent William Hall ESQ. Frank Dicksee used a romanticism style expressing the beauty of Elsa. The picture was made between 1853 and 1928, and it’s available in different museums. The painting has a woman with a yellow cloth sitting on a chair. The painter uses a warm tone for the picture. He used his talent, expressing the importance of embracing beauty and legends in society. Frank Dicksee's idea of the painting is based on real-life situations. This painting shows the story of the daughter of William Hall, who was the first back person to receive the British Empire's highest awards.

In 1900 Frank Dicksee created the Two Crowns, later he designed the End of the quest, the funeral of a Viking, Hesperia, portrait of a lady in a lace-edged dress and Romeo and Juliet. Other paintings include Beatrice, Passion, and the Portrait of Dorothy. The theme and techniques used by Frank Dicksee were inspired by Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morten d`Arthur. Moreover, he was inspired by the work of Shakespeare besides his self-motivation on genre subjects and historical happenings. Ryan Melody Art also inspires him.

Portrait of Elsa by Frank Dicksee is one of the most selling pieces in many museums. The painting depicts a beautiful woman who is the daughter of William Hall. Frank Dicksee's art encourages people to embrace history and appreciate the talents of other people, such as Shakespeare.