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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The reputable artist, Giorgione, was born in 1477 in Italy. He was a famous painter in his country who hailed from a humble background. Poetic imaginations and undeniable creativity characterized his artwork. Giorgione came up with a painting that depicts bible teachings.

Since its inception, the artwork has been a symbol of devotion and veneration due to its alleged righteousness properties. The painting is located in the church of San Rocco and features Jesus carrying a cross on his shoulder. The background is dark, and the ruthless executioner is placing a noose on his neck. Jesus seems to be calm, and he is looking towards the seer. The painting has borrowed a lot from Venetian drawings. It is alleged Giorgione was assisted to come up with the artwork by an artist known as Titan. Titan did exemplary paintings connected to the church. They used the same style to express their ideas and collaborated to come up with fascinating paintings.

Christ carrying the cross influenced the Italian renaissance. This is an oil painting that was done on a canvas. The overall goal of the painting is to depict the mood when Christ was tortured. The painting features a dark scaring mood by using dark colours in the background. The face of Christ is coloured using bright colours possibly to characterize his faith and hope despite the suffering he was going through. Jesus has a noose around his neck, and the executioner is seen to be angry and furious towards Christ. Up to date, the painting is believed to have miraculous properties.

Staunch faithful pray facing it with the hope of being healed and deriving strength to overcome challenging obstacles in their lives. The painting is done in a unique close up style, therefore, creating a subject of a life-size feel. Faithful left gifts in front of the excellent painting as a way of showing their appreciation. On the other hand, the patrons of san Rocco sold the gifts to raise funds for the restoration of the church building. The painting is believed to be a potent tool in Christianity.

The painting is alleged to have the power to heal the sick and to raise enough funds, that are used to maintain the church building. It is not documented as to who the patron of the sanctuary was, but there is a great believe that it was Lacomo di Zuan. He acted as a guardian Grande to one triumphant private chapel known as Scuola Grande, located at San Rocco in Venice. Currently, the painting is part of other biblical art collection hanging at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco situated in Venice.