Giorgione pours out his thoughts in a painting that not only portrays how keen he was about general life but also how good he was when it comes to executing his thoughts on a flat surface. The art or media used to deliver the painting is fresco, and the style is a high renaissance. Fresco is among the earliest painting medium that involves painting straight to a wall or ceiling. The artist uses Water and powder to finish the art, it becomes part of the wall. If you take a closer look, you can see faint cracks, thus indicating a wall. The Globe, moon and son painting is among the paintings he painted under the genre still life.

The globe, moon, and sun is quite a stunning and remarkable piece that shows how skilled the Italian painter was, considering he was a close friend of notable artists like Titian. His expression can be seen when he decides to give life to the sun and the moon by adding features such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can see the emotions on the celestial bodies while he only comes out with half the globe.

Giorgione then goes ahead to make the painting more sophisticated by adding a crescent on the background where he draws the other astronomical bodies. To make the three distinct images crispy clear, Giorgione adds a black background, which fits perfectly in making the images pop out. He also breaks the monotony by rearranging the celestial bodies on the two images, which he achieves.

A lot can also be seen on the globe as he comes with an incredible way of representing it. The different strips that run around the globe enabling it to achieve its round shape, are remarkable. He engraves words on all the images included in the band he draws right below the globe. The upper celestial bodies also showcase different emotions from the ones below.

He nicely brings out the sun with intense rays as he showcases the earth having darkness one half and light on the other. All these indicate his brilliance not only in painting but also in science. The overall painting is perfect and vibrant, with knowledgeable features. The current location of the Globe, Moon, and sun by Giorgione is currently located in Casa Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.