The artwork shows Jesus' mother, Virgin Mary, together with her husband, Joseph. They appear to be holding baby Jesus before he was all grown and started performing miracles. Virgin Mary mother of Jesus conceived him immaculately. It is potent to note that the parents of Mary, who were Anna and the righteous Joachim, did not have any child until they were of old age. Mary vow of preserving her virginity for eternity when she was aged 12.

After attaining legal age, she finds herself a husband, Joseph, who respected and decided to live with what she had vowed. They ran away to Egypt after Jesus was born because Herod wanted to kill him and only came back to Nazareth after the death of Herod. Mary is said to be present at Calvary, which is according to Christian tradition. The piece of art by Giorgione is stored in the national gallery of art at Washington D.C. If you want to see the original "The Holy Family" painting, then visit the national gallery of art in the United States.

Techniques and Materials Used

The style of art used in curating this remarkable piece was a renaissance. Renaissance was a type of painting, decorative, and sculpture arts and was used as a prevalent and high technique style of painting in around 1400 in Italy. Renaissance technically means rebirth, was seen as the decent art of ancient traditions. It was commonly referred to as Classical antiquity art. It transformed the original artwork in Italy by taking in recent developments and applied contemporary scientific knowledge in the artistic style. This style of art marked the transition to an Early Modern age from the medieval period in Europe.

The primary material involved was wood. That was where the painting was done. Wood was the perfect option since it cannot get lost or torn as in the like of paper painting. Wood would be durable for a long time if appropriately stored under the right conditions. So what was used to do the actual picture? Giorgione used oil to paint The Holy Family. Oil would also be durable as it blends well with the wood. It brings out the perfect drawing that is intended by the artist, including every detail. Several painters were inspired by the Holy Family artist and had impressive pictures as well. They include Lorenzo Lotto, Titian, and Palma Vecchio.