The wealth Venetian has documented most of his artistic work. However, some paintings were never completed but recorded under his name. Giorgione did a few pictures focusing the Fondaco dei Tedeschi. These paintings are lost and are not traceable. The only arts that were documented are the fragments that contain the outline of the picture. Besides specific artwork that was documented by Venetian patrician Marcantonio Michiel, most of the art collection of Venice has Giorgione as reference. The master of fine art is known for the twelve paintings and one drawing that are still selling up to date. Among them are the three philosophers, the Tempest, Sleeping Venus, Shepherd with a flute, Boy with an arrow, and the Portrait of Francesco Maria Delle Rovere.

The Tempest is one of the best paintings of Giorgione as he captured storm that is about to break. The art captured nature in a form that most poets of the Renaissance used to produce their work. It was a true inspiration, especially to poetics like Pietro Bembo and Jacobo Sannazzaro. Giorgione, having studied and learnt his artwork from the best painters, implied that his paintings were extraordinary. The portrait of Francesco Maria Delle Rovere was an ingenious idea by him, and the technique used in producing the art is admirable. According to historians, Giorgione was one of the pioneers of the oil painting technique. Giorgione, in his paintings of the portrait of Francesco Maria Delle, used the oil painting technique.

The results speak for itself, as it is unique and admirable. Another remarkable painting that was left unfinished is the Sleeping Venus. Giorgione died in his early thirties before completing the Sleeping Venus painting. The background of the art was the area that was not completed. Titan took the responsibility of adding the landscape background. It is evident from the picture. The landscape contains buildings seen at a far distance. Most Titan arts have the painting of the buildings. Giorgione is also identified as one of the artists who produced religious artworks. One of them is the Trial of Moses, which he painted at the beginning of his artistic work.