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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Jacques Louis David is a French artist with so many artworks and one of them is a portrait of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and his Wife Marie-Anne.

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was from a royal family and in this particular work of art, Jacques Louis David has represented them as a lovely couple in Antoine's office. This portrait was painted way back in 1788 and kept in private for the fear of displaying Antoine- Laurent in public but was later bought by John Davidson Rockefeller who took it to its current location at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is painted on canvas using oil paint with a size of 259.7 cm by 194.6 cm.

Jacques Louis David has portrayed Marie-Anne as a queen with a white-brown wig and a nice looking white dress, and a fabric belt that is blue in colour. The dress is long enough to cover Marie down to the toes and its arms are half-sleeved. Her dressing code just looks fashionable during her reign. In this portrait, Marie-Anne is standing just next to his husband and leaning on his left shoulder with her left arm while the right arm supports her from the table.

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier is portrayed while sitting down in his office just next to the table. Antoine has his hair turning white and is dressed in black attire. His jacket has a white collar around the neck and as well as in the hands. From below Antoine is dressed in black tight pair of trousers and black shoes with a silver-like stripe around the ankle. Antoine is also leaning on the table with his left arm while the right arm holds a feather-like pen.

In this portrait, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and his Wife look like they are at the centre of the office and facing the viewer, though Antoine has his face looking at his wife. The background of this portrait is just plain wall made of stones and three pillars are visible. The wall has a nice design that makes the office look good and attracting. The floor of the office is wooden.

In front of them is a table covered with a red cloth, that makes it look classy, and on the table is a book or a bunch of papers that Antoine is writing on, a pair of pens on a pen rack, and a number of glassware with different shapes and carrying different things. On the floor just next to the table and Antoine's right leg is a round-bottomed flask and another golden object. Behind Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and his Wife on Marie's side is a seat with a large case probably for carrying documents, and black cloth. John Davidson Rockefeller, Jr, was inspired by David's painting on this particular piece of art back in 1925.