Many artists have seen to it that they make a representation of him in their art. One of these artists is Paolo Uccello. Paolo who was once a father and a priest from Rome has produced several paintings about him. One such picture is the Christ on the Cross. This painting has lived for generations and has been displayed on several platforms worldwide. The painting Christ on the Cross by Paolo Uccello might have been done between the periods of 1457 to 1458 after the death of Christ. The painting was made by the artist while he was still attending his classes to be ordained as a priest. According to sources the paint is said to be in Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain and is of style Early Renaissance. Where it's being viewed and wondered at by Christians all over the world.

The painting has a lot that can be seen, from which it passes a lot of message to the viewers and admires of this painting. The painting has a total of five individuals with the center of focus being the one who has been crucified on the cross. The four individuals are seen to be looking at the killed man who is said to be Christ. But what are the hidden messages behind this legendary picture?

These messages state that Christ died a terrible death and in a terrible place. Since the painting shows, him crucified in a very dry background, on the top of the painting the sky is dark, unlike the usual blue color. The people who are looking up to him are also from all walks of life. That is because the type of clothing that each is wearing varies from the other. With the first two persons who are nearer to the cross having better, classic and luxurious than the last two people from both sides of the cross. All the individuals are remorseful that Christ is hanging on the cross. We can also say that the lady on the right hand of the cross could be her mother since she is in so much pain, unlike the other individuals.