Uccello's style is in line with Late Gothic approaches, using strong colour and a relatively linear perspective. He remained faithful to this method throughout his career and produced several hundred paintings across his lifetime. A good selection of them have survived to the present day and in recent centuries his career oeuvre has received considerable research and documentation.

Whilst many will look at the development from other Renaissance artists as worth more artistic respect, there are still many elements to Uccello's work to appreciate. His style was certainly charming and retains a firm backing from academics today just as it did during his own lifetime. This is reflected in the large amount of print reproductions that continue to be purchased from his career, with most major art retailers offering a selection of his career highlights.

The Battle of San Romano is the artist's most famous painting, made up of three separate canvases, and this is a popular choice for reproduction. Wide landscape aspects may not suit some homes, though, so perhaps a detailed cropped element might be a better choice. This will help to draw out a particular zoomed in look which shows off the individual brushstrokes that the artist employed all those centuries ago.