The message that the painting carries and that is only visible to the human eye is the presences of both humans and angles at the picture with Christ himself hanging from the cross. Each individual serves their own purpose on the picture. The golden background colour shows that the one is hanging from the cross is compassionate. Imagine being served by angles. The paint has two Angles serving the victim on the cross. This represents that the individual on the cross is mighty and delight.

The Angles are keen at ensuring that Christ's blood does not spill on the human ground since his divine. Lastly, the painting has two humans at the feet of the cross, both looking sad although the one on the left is seen to be regretting what he's done. While the one on the other side is understood to be praying for forgiveness for what they have done. The two men can also represent the two thieves that were crucified alongside Jesus.

Art is a magnificent piece of work that generally leaves us amazed and perplexed of how the artist did it. Art has managed to capture many hearts of people and acts as a means of which an artist passes his information to the people or the crowd who usually follow his work. Art is typically a gift though not given to all, and that’s why there are a few artists that stand out from wherever they are. This has enabled them to come up with some of the most magnificent paintings in human history.

One piece of painting that’s standing tall among other famous paintings is the Crucifixion with Two Angels by Paolo Uccello. I believe that we all know about the story of Jesus and what he did and what purpose he served in life. Artists have gone ahead and managed to capture the story not only in writing but also in the form of paints and arts. The infamous crucifixion with Two Angels by Paolo Uccello is a piece of work known to a few except for the true art lovers. The paintings purpose is to re-narrate about the story of Jesus and how he met his cruel death.