Numerous artists have carved out these historical events on paper or even walls so that we can at least have a picture of what happened. One of this kind of painting is the one of Scene Two from The Miracle of the Desecrated Host. This painting was done by UCCELLO, Paolo an Italian painter and mathematician. The painting that dates back to the dates 1467 and 1469 and was motivated by money. It is said that the painting was done for financial purposes which are still unclear to date.

Statistics concerning this piece of art shows that the painting got lost in 1858 and was later rediscovered in a barn. Later on, the painting was moved to the Ducal Palace. The painting is in excellent condition since it was restored to its initial state in 1954. This was after the terrible shape it was in due to misuse at the Ducal Palace. The painting is currently at the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino. According to what we know from the Jewish story is that there was a woman who sold a host to a Jewish merchant. However, the most enthusiastic part of the story is that when the merchant tried to burn the host, the host would bleed.

This being unusual, numerous religious processions were done to reconsecrate the host. The woman is later punished making an angle to descend from heaven. After that, the merchant together with his family is burnt at stake. Two angels and devils are later on seen fighting over the woman’s body. Though the story is not fully confirmed the painting Scenes from The Miracle of the Desecrated that was done by UCCELLO, Paolo can only prove the story to be true. This is because his painting focuses on all the six scenes of the story that happened during that time. The last scene, however, has a total of five characters four of which are mythical. From the painting, the angels and the devils are seen fighting over the woman’s body although their intentions are unknown. The painting is somehow mysterious, but it offers a lot of amazing features that will blow your mind away.