Impressionism is depicted to a large extent, as we are about to see in further discussions in this article. The subject is le père Alexandre, a native gardener who wears a hat and is smoking a white clay pipe. He sits in a kitchen and leans on a table covered in a brown table cloth. Alexandre is calm, relaxed, and lacks any form of expression. Behind him are two bottles of wine located right behind his elbow, and some fruits. The impression made in Man Smoking a Pipe is that of a simple man whose measure of wit or lack of it thereof is unpredictable.

Alexandre wears a suit that’s painted in grey tones. The rest of the picture features lots of blue and gold, and together with the suit imply a little melancholy. The ancient nature of the scenery corresponds to that of the subject. His collar gives him the formality of a village star. His upright stand gives him a firm authority that’s strengthened by the brown suit and hat. The immobility of the subject, coupled with lack of expression, depicts the unchanging nature of the norms of provincial life.

In the background is a vase with a painting of a boat on the inset and sun setting above. Two works hang at the back and are well stylised, which contrasts with the subject who depicts a deep sense of cubism. Man smoking a Pipe is a series of paintings at different angles, representing a motionless subject. The artist keeps on revolving around the subject such that facets give a more comprehensive image of views and thoughts of the artist.

Man Smoking a Pipe was inspired by Cezanne’s anxiety, as described by Picasso. There are echoes of his concern depicted in this shady, motionless Man Smoking Pipe. The other impression in this piece of art is Cezanne’s acceptance of his lifestyle, hence the calmness and rest. Alexandre seems to be content with the adventures of where he is coming from. Cezanne’s Man Smoking a Pipe is encompassed with lots of styles and is one from which aspiring artists can borrow a leaf.