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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Few artists are as popular for art print reproductions as Paul Cezanne, with this French master helping to bridge the gap between traditional art and the more modern movements that occurred over the past two centuries.

Cezanne was a truly prolific artist, created hundreds of drawings and paintings during his own lifetime. There is, therefore, plenty of choice from across his career. There is also variety, with the Frenchman tackling portraiture, still life and landscape scenes most frequently. His style produced a modern form of romanticism, in a way, delivering French life through his own eyes. He was also interested in other artists of that time and would sometimes incorporate ideas from their work in his own. Blurred lines, giving an almost dream-like finish to objects in a similar way to El Greco was one of the signatures of a typical Cezanne painting. He also had a specific pallette of colours which persisted through out most of his work. Some of his most famous paintings, and most reproduced, include The Card Players, Mont Sainte-Victoire, The Large Bathers and Still Life with Apples.

He experimented with different arrangements of fruit in a number of still life works and also created many depictions of his preferred region of France, from a variety of angles and view points. The relative simplicity of this style of art is suited most to a simple frame, nothing extravagent like you might find with a Renaissance painting, for example. A wooden or metallic finish is best, probably in just a single colour so that the artwork can claim all of the focus. Some prefer a small card that sits between the frame and print to add additional contrast. Much of your decision will be influenced by the home in which you live and what would best suit it. The impressionists sit somewhere in the middle of modern art and traditional art, meaning they can work in most styles of home, and also suit many people's tastes.

Followers of impressionism, as well as some of the artists who worked on the fringes of this famous art movement, may also be interested in several painters related to Cezanne. Monet prints are, of course, particularly popular but you may also be worth checking out the prints by Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Caillebotte. They all bring their own individual approaches to this overall movement. Amongst this group you will find some of the most impressive figurative paintings of all time as well as a plethora of landscape paintings and city-based work. They would often move within their lifetimes and find inspiration from different parts of the country. These also encouraged a variety of lighter and darker palettes, which helped to broaden their own respective oeuvres. Cezanne was a good example of this, working with much brighter colours once he had left his life in Paris and moved out to the south of the country, as his earlier work was far darker in tone and mood.

Cezanne was a highly productive and hard working artist who left behind hundreds of artworks, covering a mixture of oil paintings, watercolours and also some drawings. You will not find any difficulty in discovering suitable prints from his career, perhaps the only problem that you might have is in narrowing your search down from such a large selection. Having passed away over a century ago, there is no copyright on his paintings and so many retailers will be able to offer you the full array of his career. In other cases, royalties will be due that would make the prints much more expensive and harder to source. He is also a highly regarded, famous painter and so all major retailers will have him within their available options, normally featured alongside the other members of the Impressionist movement. This collective remains amongst the most popular today, due to their concentration on landscape painting as well as the bright colours found in many of their paintings.

When choosing a print, you will obviously need to consider the environment in which it is to be placed. The style in most cases is suitable for most homes, particularly his brighter landscape works, but you will still need to customise the product to your taste. Some will prefer the framed option, which also has the added benefit of protecting the piece, whilst those in small budgets may prefer something simple like a single print, almost in a poster format. Shipping costs always need to be considered as well, and framed artworks will always incur greater amounts in that case. The size is also important, and much will depend on the area of your home in which you wish to hang the artwork. It is important for the print to be large enough that the original details can be seen, but no so big that it becomes too dominant within the room, or even too heavy to be easily hung, such as when you have internal walls made from plaster board. The other item to consider to which retailer to go for, as they are many out there who offer Cezanne prints for sale, and you will always get a variety in the quality of the service as well as the product itself.

In terms of genre, Cezanne has a few very clear directions in his career, with a heavy focus on portraiture, still life works and also landscapes. This persists through the different mediums in which he worked, namely oils, watercolours and a mixture of different drawing tools. You can therefore get a good idea about this artist's career from a quick browse of his work in those categories, although there is also a stylistic variation between the earlier work in his career and that which followed. Despite his head-strong nature, he did listen to other artists from time to time, and this helped him to develop over the course of his life into a brighter and more positive painter. Despite that, his personal problems would continue throughout and he never really found a true happiness for very long. The instabilities would hamper his life but also encouraged him to work, as this afforded him a certain level of escapism, something that so many other creative people have mentioned in recent years.

The popular choices for prints does not precisely match the artists seen as the most skilled by academics. The public have always gone their own way and many of the great names of the past had been rejected by academics prior to the public embracing them with open arms. There is certainly a bias towards modern art, with the Renaissance and Baroque eras being seen as more niche today, particularly amongst the younger generations. Most prefer brighter colour schemes and aslo see a print on their wall as more of a decorative item than any great desire to better understand or appreciate the history of art. As such, photographic prints have risen in popularity in recent years, due to their immediacy, even though the owner may not even know anything about the photographer that took it. It perhaps comes down to the person themselves, and whether they have any great interest in art at all, or perhaps are just using art as a means to improve the look of their home, and there isn't anything particularly wrong with that.

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