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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The colour and light used by Renoir created stunning paintings which have been popular as print reproductions for many generations, both in Europe and also the US. He has an extensive output of work, consistently delivered in his charming, signature style.

The content and style used within the Impressionist movement has allowed this collection of artists to become amongst the most popular in history. Renoir is amongst the most notable of its members and took on the main themes of the group, such as landscape painting and portraiture. Those looking to add something classical but not old fashioned to their home with often seek out Impressionist art prints, with a wide selection available from this highly talented and much-researched group of ground-breaking painters. Their exhibitions grew in strength over time and slowly started to reveal to the world a new type of art that would eventually receive the support that it deserved. There have also been many publications that have aimed to draw together all of their highlights into a summarised explanation of the group as a whole.

Colour and lighting were key to this group and that ensures that most prints of their work require very little support. A simple, plain frame should be enough to allow the original artworks to dominate one's eye. Renoir's work would not typically be produced on particularly large canvases, and so reproduction prints of his work can easily work within a modern home. You might even consider ordering in the same size as the original to make it as life-like as possible. This site contains around one hundred of his most famous paintings and it is worth looking through them all as there maybe a favourite that you haven't even come across yet. Generally, if you enjoy Renoir's style, then there is much to enjoy as his work stayed fairly consistent throughout. The popularity of his career, plus the movement in which he was involved, has ensured that there is a large amount of information available on his career, including countless publications and even several websites devoted to his career. You might want to learn more about the specific print hanging on your wall, in order to appreciate its qualities even more.

Alternatively, and this would be more of a niche option, you might consider one of his drawings as a reproduction. Some adore the simplicity and raw genius of his chalk and pencil portraits, where just a few simple lines produce a genuine artwork. In recent years there has been a growing interest in his work in this medium, and a greater effort has been made to collate and document all of the available drawings left from his career. In other cases there are young art students who first try to master this medium before moving on to sculpture or oil painting and find that drawing prints can help them to understand just how the great masters put together their portraits. Even when using oils, Renoir would have started off with strokes of a pencil or chalk in order to lay out the composition and so you might consider these drawings as the early preparation of his paintings in any case.

All of the paintings featured in this website are available for purchase as art prints, in a variety of sizes and finishes. Renoir produced thousands of artworks in his career, covering portraits, landscapes and cityscenes. The impressionist style that he used reminds many of related artists like Monet. In truth, Renoir stands alone in many artistic aspects. Classic Parisien life appeals to people all across the world and Renoir, along with Degas, is remembered for capturing scenes from this period. Impressionism has retained its popularity with art fans of the present day because of its balance between the academic approaches of previous centuries with the truly abstract forms of the 20th century. Something inbetween combines the artistic heart whilst still resembling the subject.

In addition to the expressive style used by artists like Degas, Renoir and Monet, there was also an impressive use of colour which also helped this movement, and those on the fringes of it, to stand out. Renoir Prints offer important contributions to the French impressionist movement with Renoir responsible for several of it's finest paintings. Art prints of original Renoir paintings are extremely popular at the moment for those looking to add classic art to their own homes, and this website concentrates on his finest works as well as giving good information on the artist himself. Renoir is best remembered for a series of portraits, self-portraits and nude paintings with each topic featuring amongst his finest works. His oeuvre was similar to other members of the Impressionist movement, but he did still move in other directions during experimental periods of his career.

The Umbrellas, Le Moulin de la Galette, Dance at Bougival, Large Bathers, The Luncheon of the Boating Party and The Theater Box are perhaps his most respected paintings in the view of academics and the art public alike, but many of his other portraits within a classic style are also popular, such as A Girl with a Watering Can and Dance in the City to name just two. Renoir's career is seen as academic excellence and as such his paintings are courted by all the major international galleries and art museums, meaning his paintings are commonly found in the key art centres of the USA, UK and his native France, with Paris continuing to host amongst the best art collections of any in the western world. Renoir is just one of many exceptional impressionist artists, from a movement which has become one of the most popular in the history of western art alongside renaissance and other modern movements. Alongside Renoir was Claude Monet, another skilled painter and you can find Claude Monet prints here. Additionally to Claude Monet and Renoir was Edgar Degas who produced famous series of paintings based on horse racing and also dancing ballerinas. You can buy Degas prints here.

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