The paintings were done for the movement Post-Impressionism that entails the love for nature and capturing brief moments that are created in the wild. The Mont Sainte Victoire seen from the Bibemus Quarry is one of the many entailed works of Paul. At a glance, the picture shows an image of a mountain that is over a pile of stones that is the Quarry. Besides, the trees that are located on the foreground and some next to the mountain brings the aesthetic. The smooth blend between the colours creates a lively optical view. This type of painting is a landscape painting that uses the oil painting technique on canvas.

The combination of colours by the use of swift, voluntary and lose brush strokes technique to portray the nature and the fine scheme of colour to the mural. Paul ensured that the Monte Sainte Victoire was well sketched with a warm orange tone at the base of the Bibemus quarry and a light shade of blue in the background. Even though he was a slow painter he managed to depict various themes in his work. The precision and accuracy he used to bring life to the still images, a skill to die for, was stunning.

The piece of art is exquisite bringing out a panoramic view of the beauty of the mountain. The modern techniques of landscape painting bring out the realism of nature. The idea of drawing the painting from a lower level entails his creativity to design a monumental sketch that indicates power and heroism. The mountain is located in the southern part of France with a lot of mythical beliefs towards it. Paul Cezanne's prowess of creating a chromatic image from the use of dimensional brushstroke was a stronghold in the modern painting. His expertise in creating beautiful still life pictures was an upside to his artwork.

The short-lived moments that he captured brought out a detailed artwork full of mastery. One of the impeccable works done by Paul Cezanne is the Large Bathers and The Card players. His creative abilities are evident as he aimed at displaying emotions and life-changing events in a painting made him standout and became a role model to some of the famous painters in the world.