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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Women Bathing, also referred to as Bathers is a 19th-century painting done using oil and painted on canvas. The piece of art is French and was done by the infamous Paul Cézanne in 1870. The artist is known for his love for nudity since he has done similar versions.

His most notable and common piece to this is the so-called Big Bathers painting. Currently, the Bathers painting is in New York at Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. From the painting, we can also notice that the painter uses multiple small strokes lying parallel to each other. As a result, this allows us to conclude that the picture was just but an experimental piece to an even bigger project. Interestingly, the painter also managed to paint various versions of the pice of art. Each version of the painting either has a new style or character or based on a different venue. Also, the painting has inspired various artists to come up with their version of the piece.

Cézanne's piece has also inspired modern painters to adopt a radical and constructive means of painting. As a result, Cézanne is not only well regarded but also holds a key position in the evolution of modern art. Unlike his previous work, where he would desire and entertain nudity, the painter did not use live models for his painting. Instead, he used existing pictures as an inspiration for his characters. Consequently, this cuts of the link between the characters in the art since they aren't interacting with each other.

Besides the connection, it is also vivid that the models in the painting are unaware of their environment. That is, none of them is conscious of the other characters. As seen above, the painter was familiar with his brush and had a unique style of painting that has helped in the evolution of modern art. In addition to this, we can also say that the artist is world-class and well since he can incorporate multiple characters from different images into one piece to form a balanced universe. Lastly, he’s well known in the art world since he has a long list of paintings under his belt.

Art is an ancient away of human life that has adopted various tweaks over the course of time. In addition to this, art has managed to pull audiences who appreciate this way of life and what it brings to society. Currently, art has advanced into a profession, unlike in the olden days, when it was just done for leisure and pleasure. Further, this way of life has multiple branches such as sculptures and paintings, sketching among others.