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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Artist Rubens produced several different versions of the theme of Christ on the Cross, both as paintings and drawings, with this particular one being the most complete and impressive.

The life of Jesus Christ has persisted in the work of famous names from the world of art for centuries and Rubens was no different in that regard. Whilst he may not have gone as far as the likes of Lorenzo Ghiberti whose North Doors featured over twenty of the key moments of his life in chronological order, Rubens did address the key themes on multiple occassions. Just within this website, for example, you will see other related Rubens paintings such as Elevation of the Cross, Descent from the Cross, The Circumcision of Christ and The Resurrection of Christ.

This emotional depiction features adoration from local women who feel great sadness at the poor state of Jesus as he hangs limply from the cross. This biblical story hits hard at religious followers who appreciate his sacrifice and all the benefits that the rest of us have gleened from it. Suffering and appreciation are key elements of much religious scripture and we are constantly reminded not to take anything for granted or to forget the morale guidance that he imparted upon us.

Peter Paul Rubens was a key member of the Baroque movement and many in the present day believe him to have been Dutch, because his prominent role in the Flemish schools of art. In fact he was German-born and also travelled around many other regions during his life in order to develop his work with as many influences and inspirations as possible.