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Few artists have produced paintings quite as charming as Pieter Bruegel the Elder, so it is no surprise that Bruegel prints have become quite so popular.

His great works feature elaborate detail and stunning characters which we have learnt to love over the many centuries that have passed since the Northern Renaissance left behind such a strong legacy. Bruegel himself begun a legacy within his own family and this has led to others even purchasing print reproductions of his family member's works, although he has always been considered the true talent and the one who created opportunities for his son and some of his cousins. The Jan Bruegels, for instance, as well as Bruegel the Younger all contributed respected paintings of their own to turn Pieter's original work into this dominant body of work. Whilst Hunters in the Snow remains his most famous painting, there is much more to enjoy within his oeuvre, including drawings which can also serve as beautiful art prints.

The slightly confusing factor around using the term print is that this can also refer to prints created by the artists themselves which was common during centuries past. Many would create lithographs and woodcuts, for example, before then selling prints of them for affordable prices in order to supplement their income as well as spreading their reputation abroad. This was particularly common within Northern Europe and often made use of the strong ports of their respective nations in order to disperse them far and wide. The most extreme example of this would be the japanese prints which came into Europe and inspired a whole raft of artists with new ideas and technical innovations that had not been seen before within European art. On a more local level, Rembrandt and Durer, as well as Bruegel would distribute prints of their finest works in order to draw in new commissions and gain favour with potential patrons.

Modern generations have turned their back on most traditional art, because of the perceived lack of colour and brightness but some have remained popular throughout. Bruegel is one of those, remaining amongst the most popular artists for prints even with all the new contemporary styles that are now available. His work is undeniably charming, with characters strewn across his landscapes, each one carefully crafted and involved in a variety of activities. The same can be said for Hieronymus Bosch, with classic artworks such as The Garden of Earthly Delights, where one could stare at this piece for several days and still notice new items of detail each time. The main difference would be that Bruegel depicted local peasants, where as Bosch often created all manner of weird and wonderful creatures from his imagination. Either way, they have both stood the rest of time, where as other members of the Northern Renaissance remain highly respected by art historians, but very few would actually have prints of their work on their walls.

Bruegel's fame has ensured that most major retailers of his work will provide a fairly comprehensive selection of work from his career. The likes of Art.com and resellers on Amazon can take advantage of an artist whose work is no-longer subject to copyright because of the number of years that have passed since his death. Most of his pieces are available from mainstream sellers and many of those studying art history will have become well accustomed to this artist's work at some point along their journey. The options available on each of these will allow you to customise your print to precisely fit your taste, as well as the area of your home in which you intend to hang the final produce. You might even consider simple posters, for those on smaller budgets, or framed prints which offer a long term protection of the artwork as well as a more professional and elegant look for your home.

The Large Landscapes (a series of prints by Pieter Bruegel the Elder)

Classic fine art for your home with high quality Bruegel print reproductions

Besides the prints and etchings produced by the Bruegel family, another popular topic to consider are art print reproductions, produced in the modern era for fans of their work to enjoy in their own homes. Bruegel Prints covers both Pieter the Elder and Young who were from the popular Bruegel family which gave the world many great painters over several generations. The website covers many prints and paintings from the best two, namely Pieter the Elder and Younger, taking both of their careers into discussion and also offering the best places to buy Bruegel prints online from our recommended retailers that we use ourselves to buy art prints, tapestries, stretched canvases and framed giclee prints online.

Both Bruegel the Elder and Younger follow a similar style of landscapes with great detail and an assortment of characters going about their lives which makes the prints interesting and worth studying several times over. They make great additions to your home because they constantly show new detail and interest to your eye as you look around the various Bruegel landscapes. The Bruegel family in general liked to portray the lives of common people at a time when art was normally about portraits of the rich. They found prints of landscapes with combinations of people involved was a more interesting way of using their talented painting skills and could also offer the viewer of each painting a more interesting offering. It is generally accepted the Pieter the Elder was the most talented artist from the Bruegel family and that the Younger somewhat took advantage of the groundwork completed earlier and lacked the former's imagination and innovation, prefering to continue the same route as had been laid down already.

Famous prints by Pieter Bruegel the Elder included the likes of # Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, Netherlandish Proverbs, Children's Games, Dulle Griet (Mad Meg), The Triumph of Death, The "Little" Tower of Babel, The Adoration of the Kings, The Procession to Calvary, The Harvesters, Hunters in the Snow, Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap, The painter and the buyer, The Peasant Dance and Peasant wedding. The best paintings and art prints by Pieter Bruegel the Younger included works such as The Kermesse Of St George, The Massacre of the Innocents, The Triumph of the Death, Winter Landscape with a Bird-trap, Adoration of the Magi, Crucifixion, Batle Of Carnival And Lent, Preparation Of The Flower Beds, A Village Landscape With Farmers, Proverbs, Village Lawyer, The Seven Acts Of Charity, Calvary and The Way of the Cross.

Pieter Bruegel the Younger and Elder are sometimes spelt as the Brueghel family instead. They are not to be mixed up with Jan Brueghel the Elder or Jan Brueghel the Younger who also had excellent careers as artists but not quite to the same level as the Pieters achieved. Other artists included Ambrosius Brueghel and also Pieter Brueghel III. The family itself has a long history of painters who were influenced and inspired by the members of the family who had achieved so much already, but the two concentrated on in this website were certainly the biggest in both ability and impact, with their legacies still remaining very strong. The style and detail used by the two artists makes their paintings ideal as giclee art prints, the larger the better, but many other options are available. In order to achieve the best result framed prints display their creations in a tidy, professional way and frames also act as a helpful protection to keep them safe for many years.

The links above show the full Bruegel gallery which also offer advice on choosing between different frames, matts and glass covers to match your tastes. The key works of the Bruegels are still regularly bought online and their influence is accepted and understood, with very little drop in reputation over the years as other artists have come and gone. Their name is strongest in certain parts of Europe where their careers where based but they can count on fans in many countries these days including the USA which traditionally looks to Europe for artistic ideas and inspirations. Other common searches related to the incredible Bruegel dynasty of painters that you may be looking for include bruegel landscape, dutch prints, hunters in the snow bruegel, list of Flemish painters, Dutch golden age, bruegel artist, bruegel icarus, pencil sketches and drawings. Other artists, not from this famous family but related to the style in some way that they used are included at the bottom of the page with prints also ready to buy of their best paintings too.