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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Cultivation Of Ideas was among his first artworks that this Belgian painter did while residing in the city of Paris, France. It was done in the year 1927.

The time when this artistic painting was done is described as the Surrealist Paris years, probably due to the fact that this surrealist painter was staying in Paris at this moment.

The Cultivation Of Ideas is another piece of arts where the artist portrays ordinary materials in a rather unusual context. In this particular poetic piece of arts, which appears like a synthetic landscape, Rene Magritte displays two trees that form just one crown of leaves. Following that, the two trunks of the tree that have short shadows beneath them appear like the legs of a human being making steps into the landscape. This professional painter seemed to have advanced his natural artistic skills and created what appeared to be a floor.

Nature also seems through that floor, which has a foreground of a clouds nature and outlined forms. The outlined forms then change color a bit higher so that it can become wood with a breathtaking grain. Everyone would agree that even in the presence of the title, the painting still has a very strange and extraordinary poetic enchantment.

The picture shows a type of atmosphere one would sense just after getting up from sleep. A kind of enchantment one would sense when he is not entirely conscious and to some extent, hypnotized by some strange faces from the dream that could cause an elusion. This was what Rene Magritte was trying to create with this amazing picture.

Rene Magritte had an exceptional imaginative way of coming up with colors and shapes that are so hard to define just as in the case of The Cultivation of Ideas. This something that rarely occurs in today’s pieces of artworks. With this beautiful image, it is very easy to trace the change of style and the chronology of Rene’s work. The Cultivation Of Ideas can be best described as an intellectual vision of poetry and not an aesthetic issue of style. This was among the list of early works that Rene Magritte did while in Paris and seems to be one of the best that he ever laid his hands on.