Christ then appears to some of his disciples. As clearly shown by Blake William, the disciples are terrified at his sight. They seem startled by the fact that they can see a Jesus, who was already dead. Christ holds out his hands, in an attempt to reassure the disciples. He holds out his hands and shows them the wounds that he suffered during his crucifixion. He says "Behold my hands and feet, it is me, hold me and see, for a spirit has no flesh and bones, as you see me have".


The print has delivered a vivid image by the use of maximum colour accuracy and resolution. It is a giclée print, whereby the artist uses millions of ink droplets and sprays them onto high-quality paper. There is a great degree of detail and very smooth transitions of different colour gradients. The high-quality paper used in this painting is acid free with a fine surface. Here are all the painting’s main details:

  • MEDIUM: Print, ink, watercolour and varnish on paper
  • DIMENSIONS: Support: 406 × 499 mm
    frame: 625 × 710 × 50 mm
  • ACQUISITION: Bequeathed by W. Graham Robertson 1948
  • Exhibition history: 1982- Lessing J. Rosenwald: Tribute to a Collector, NGA, 1982, no. 16, repro. 1997 - Six Centuries, Six Artists, National Gallery of Art, Washington, 1997.
  • Current location: Not on view

Description of the Painting

In the Blake's painting, Jesus' arms are turned in a way that the palms face out, with the elbows bent in a way that his forearms come out. The head and neck are inclined to the left, while his eyes look down left. The left foot is forward, and the big toe is separated from the rest of the toes. All the other toes are packed together. His chest is slightly tilted to the left.

It depicts the disciples kneeling beside him. One disciple is on the right side, and three on his left side. The three disciples on his left have their faces down as if in worship. The one on his left side is on his knees with his arms held together. He has lifted his face, looking at the risen Jesus. The scene shows how Jesus is reassuring the disciples that it’s really him and he is present in flesh and bones.