The God Blessing the Seventh Day painting, is much more distinct from his previous works. Here, he focuses on many characters to deliver incredible art with a beautiful finish. William Blake uses watercolour and pen to deliver God Blessing the Seventh Day painting. In the painting, it is easy to see his mastery of the medium. That is because he creates a perfect piece with detailed features and a clear outline. He also uses the medium to show his excellent understanding of human anatomy as well as his imaginative interpretation of God. It is clear that William Blake drew his inspiration from the bible. While reading the scripture, he would develop detailed images. He would then later transfer his imagination on a canvas and come up with detailed painting. It is from the bible that he was inspired to come up with the God Blessing the Seventh Day.

Every aspect of God Blessing the Seventh Day painting is correctly delivered. The primary subject is uniquely placed on a well-illuminated background. There is the inclusion of a cloud-like enclosure which holds six humans and one superhuman being or God. William Blake paints God with a full white robe and bare feet. He also includes white hair and long white flowing beard. On God's either side, there are six humans, with each one of them focused on different sections of the canvas. Each human has a different hairdo and colour with distinct facial expressions. They are all, however, wearing similar clothing. Blake places a lot of focus on the primary subject, a step that sees him deliver a detailed image.

Despite using watercolours and a pen, William Blake uses his skills and creativity to come up with explicit facial expressions on everyone in the painting. He then goes ahead to incorporate some minute details that add character to the image. The whole painting depicts the ability of the poet and painter William Blake to come up with detailed paintings. It also shows his clear understanding of human anatomy as well as his interpretation of God. His ability to incorporate different backgrounds in one painting is also amazing. Currently, the painting hangs on the walls of the Dickinson Gallery in London.