This painting was created between 1805 and 1810, and currently, it's located in Washington, DC. It entails a woman and a dragon symbolizing different books in the bible. Moreover, the painting is a representation of a battle between good and evil. The book of revelation contains different warnings to Christians to help them maintain their faith. William Blake is a visionary artist, therefore, represents the red dragon with ten horns, crowns and heads. He has well illustrated the dragon descending to the woman clothed with the sun. The woman has the moon under her feet as well as a crown with twelve stars on her head. In this case, Blake uses the dragon to embody Satan, trying to exact revenge on the woman.

This creative Brit uses the watercolour technology where the grey washes are spectacular applied to fill out the forms. Then there is further colouring with the brushstrokes. This technique helps bring out the intended message clearly and also boosts the appearance of the painting for a long time. The painting brings out the Christian faith, as written in the bible. After reading the book of Revelation, William Blake used oil painting materials for his painting. Moreover, he used bright colours to represent his ideas.

Blake's best practices include the Angles Hovering over the Body of Christ in the Sepulchre, the Ancient of Days, Adam Naming the Beasts, Newton, Satan, the Dance of Albion and Songs on Innocence and of Experience. These paintings represent different movements in the bible. The artist was inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Percy Bysshe Shelly in the world of Romantic Literature. He inspires many people, especially christens around the globe. William Blake, as a talented painter and poet he used the ideas from the bible and symbolized them in paintings. These paintings are well displayed in the Brooklyn Museum. Blake's ideas help Christian understand their religion. This intriguing painting is part of a series of other dragon paintings created as per the order in the early 1800s.