Jesus Christ is at the Garden of Gethsemane, and he is well aware that one of his disciples will betray him. The Judas Betrays Him Artwork shows how Judas arrived with several soldiers armed with swords to arrest Jesus. Judas then goes ahead and kisses Jesus. The kiss was a sign to the soldiers illustrating the person to be arrested. As per the Judas Betrayed Him artwork, the other disciples of Jesus are shocked. The Judas Betrays Him artwork is one of many biblical watercolors William created for his master Thomas Butts.

The Medium Used

William Blake started his artwork when the cost of paper was relatively low, and hence he would maximize his profits. In his painting, Judas Betrays Him, William used several mediums which were cheap and readily available. The medium used included; watercolor on paper, ink, and graphite.

The Location of Judas Betrays Him Artwork

The Patrons of British Art acquired this watercolor in 1992. The Tate Gallery Foundation facilitated this purchase. The reference number to the Judas Betrays Him artwork is T06606.

Artists who Inspired William Blake

William Blake was sent to an apprenticeship program by James Basire, who was a profound engraver. James owned a workshop which is located at Great Queen Street. After seven years, he graduated and later got his first task of creating artworks. William drew inspiration from the Gothic Churches of London when engraving these artworks.

William Blake also drew his inspirations from other artists. He would examine artworks from artists like Raphael, Durer, and Michelangelo. William would look to uncover the ideas and techniques used by every artist. Some of the paintings he reviewed were originals, and others were reproductions that were of high quality. Apart from drawing inspiration from Raphael and Michelangelo, William was well familiar with the happening political and social activities. William Blake's writing style was also inspired by writers and artists like Ben Jonson and Edmund Spencer. These writers not only inspired William but other poets and playwrights from all over the world.

Artists Inspired by William Blake

William Blake has influenced several artists through his artworks. He has inspired great artists like Dante Gabriel Rosetti through the romantic and pre-Raphaelite actions. William Blake also mentored a lot of great writers, including Walt Whitman and William Butler Yeats.