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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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This art was done by William Hogarth back in the year 1747. The painter and engraver made this art among his series of work on industry and the idleness and it was during the Rococo season in London.

William used paper and paint to draw this art in which the landscape paper was of dimension was 265 mm by 347 mm. The piece of art was done using the engraving technique and the British style of art painting. This art is an illustration of hardworking men in a hall of Godchild and his wife. This hall was used to educate young members of the community on the essence of hard work as a way of preventing disasters. The portrait also depicts an image of idle persons in the hall who are meant to discourage laziness among the members of the community.

In this image the is a couple sitting on the far end of the table and the man has a sword on his chair and the lady seat has a crowned mace. This was the position of the honored persons in the hall. However, this portion of the image depicts the gluttonous nature of some rich members of the community. The hall also has some musical accompaniment at a balcony with an orchestra. The main figure in this portrait is a man on the right standing with a long sword on the right side of the portrait who represent the royalty of the people in the hall. The portrait does not have margins for it shows an image of the center of the hall.

The industrious ‘Prentice grown rich & sheriff of London’ was one among the many portraits that will do in his series work of industry and idleness. Some of the other pieces of art that are related to this portrait are The Fellow ‘ Prentice at their Looms’, ‘ the industrious ‘ Prentice performing the duty of a Christian’, ‘the idle ‘Prentice at play in the churchyard, during the divine service’, ‘the industrious ‘ Prentice a favorite, and entrusted by his master’, ‘ the idle ‘ Prentice turned away, and sent to sea including many more. William was greatly inspired by his father who was a schoolmaster and a painter. He also had admired Sir James Thornhill's work which leads to his passionate interest in the medium of drawing.