It is a section of the series that tells of a woman who was called Moll who in her young age moved from her native country to London. In the painting the woman portrays a personality of Mrs Partridge. William Hogarth puts an image of a bed, as one of the big furniture that moll seats on. There is a painting of a cat next to her legs that is painted in a certain postures that tells about Moll’s current sitting position. In her new poster she is showing one of her breast and also a watch on her left hand.

The watch may be a gift or a stolen one from one of her lovers. Moll’s new lifestyle which is prostitution is a satanic work; it is well represented in the art by the images of a broom and a hat hugged on the wall. Also on the bed there is another prostitute who is seen pouring something. The painting of the two prostitutes shows women deceitfulness. Beside them there is a box full of wigs from James Dalton it tells of her romantic involvement with Dalton. There are paintings of Henry Sacheverell and Macheath whom she looks up to the latter is an opera beggar. Above the paintings of her role models is a cure for a sexual transmitted disease, syphilis.

On the right side of the art there is a door from which four men are coming in. The first one is sir john Gonson a magistrate who is followed closely by other three men who are armed. They are coming to put Moll in detention because of her devilish work. The magistrate is looking at the things that are hugged on the wall in front of Moll’s bed while one of his fingers is in his lips, this signifies innocence.

This art mocks the reality of annunciation according to the bible in the Gospel of Luke. In the bible the Virgin Mary was given the news that she will conceive through the power of the holly sprit and she will become the mother of the son of God called Jesus. This message was brought to Mary by angel Gabriel.