Many are the times that he was reportedly seen taking lettuce dipped in milk for lunch. The talented artist also participated in extreme fasting and praying hence nicknamed 'God's architect.' On 7 June 1926, the 73-year-old architect was heading to a confession and met a road accident. He was hit by a tram along the Gran Via de les Cortes Catalanes. During this time, he looked a little unkempt and passed for a beggar. It was even more heartbreaking as he did not have any identification on him, and most people thought he was a beggar. When he was hit by the tram, he fell and lost consciousness by the road. Due to his look, taxi drivers did not bother rushing him to the hospital.

According to verified sources, some people in the vicinity called Dr. Ferrer Solervicens and alerted him of an accident in the area. He was swift enough to check on the old man and assess the issue. Nevertheless, on reaching there, he concluded that nothing much could be done. After that, a police officer took Gaudi to the Hospital de la Santa Creu for primary treatment. It took a few hours for the chaplain at the Sagrada Familia to recognise the beggar as the famous architect. However, it was too late as Gaudi died 10 June, 1926. Barcelona's residents mourned Gaudi’s death and applauded his work.

They had his funeral procession through the city and ended his proclaimed unfinished church. Over 5000 people attended his funeral, and this was an excellent time for mourning. The architect was then laid to rest in the tomb of the Sagrada Familia church. The church has never been completed up to date. It is expected that the church will be finished in 2026. This will be in good time for celebrating 100 years since the great architect passed on. His work is still celebrated up to date.