The monument was meant to be a tribute to the Catholic teachings. Because of political instability, the project was never built.

About the Project

The design of the building features towers, which are similar to those of La Sagrada Familia. Gothic and Art Nouveau elements create impressive forms, which take on a life of their own. As the greatest symbol of Catalan Modernism, Gaudi used a variety of linear and sharp constructions to sketch the cultural site. The architect defies traditional stylistic forms and embraces lightweight and bold shapes.

The base of the building is strong and supports several floors. Each floor comprises a series of window-like openings, which balance out the majestic pivot towers. The left and right sides of the building are encapsulated by tall towers, which indicate the margins of the monument. Each tower comprises multiple openings. The central tower is the tallest and it includes the main entrance into the building. The upper-most floor comprises 6 towers. Three of the towers are spread on each side of the central tower. This creates an unrivalled symmetry and suggests the artist's precise projection.

The building's centrepoint is balance and symmetry. Each window and door is placed in precise locations to create a perfect equilibrium. Despite the appearance of clutter, Gaudi's work of art is accurate and sophisticated. It's a representation of Gaudi's admiration and respect of the Catholic teachings. He manages to transfer the rich Catholic culture into an architectural masterpiece.

Gaudi's architectural work is personal thanks to his strong Catholic faith. Franciscan Missions in Tangier reflects the artist's devotion to his religion, which strengthened throughout the maturity of his career. The religious theme of the building is the artist's exploration of new architectural dimensions. Each shape and form is designed to push architectural limits and exceed conservative boundaries. The vibrant surfaces and tile appearance are the result of collaboration with different Catalan artists, designers, and industrialists.

The Franciscan Missions in Tangier project is a signature artwork performed by Antoni Gaudi. Because of instability in the Moroccan city of Tangier, the building was never developed. It was meant to become a central site for Catholic education and teachings. The artist's powerful faith is expressed in the shapes and bold forms of the building. The pivot towers, the precise symmetry and the innovative display of elements create a stunning appearance. It reflects Gaudi's belief in Catholicism and his devotion to the culture's values, missions, and principles. The project is a tribute to the Catholic School and remains a brilliant architectural design.