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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Auguste Rodin was a worldly celebrated French sculptor and artist. His work had a huge impact on modern art whereby, he suffused emotions and character in his work. Among many of the sculptures produced by Auguste Rodin, I am Beautiful an 1882 sculpture, was one of the highly renowned sculpture.

The two figure group is seen appearing at the sculpture Gates of Hell in 1880 at the right-hand pilaster. Through the experience he gained from studios of other artists, he was able to learn the art of sculpture. I am Beautiful sculpture, as well as all his other sculptures, were created using bronze casting technique. Some of other traditional sculptures materials that he used were clay, marble, wax and plaster.

The sculpture I am Beautiful shows a union of a crouching woman and a falling man whose back leans under the strain as he lifts her in his arms. In the sculpture, I am Beautiful Rodin uses assemblages an artistic composition as one of the characteristic aspects of his work. The sculpture, displays a crouching woman, in a posture that appears either erotic or crude. Turning her and folding her over, in a round like a shape the man lifts her, holding her in a manner resembling Atlas. In this and several other pieces, Auguste Rodin wants to express a morbid and emotions. There's Is a symbolic expression of passion and joy not being achieved by constituent’s parts, rather suffering is showcased.

In The sculpture I am Beautiful like several of his other sculptures, Auguste Rodin uses bronze casting as one of the major techniques in producing the sculptures. The major theme depicted in I am Beautiful sculpture is sexualisation, this is also seen in some of his sculptures such as Crouching woman also known as Lust, Eternal Springtime and Psyche et Almour and The Kiss. Charles Baudelaire's collection of poems Les Fleurs du mal influenced and inspired Auguste Rodin sculpture, I am Beautiful. The sculpture is displayed at the Rodin Museum administered by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. it was opened in 1929 and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.