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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Normally when we think of art print reproductions, we think of paintings. But, actually, photographs of Rodin's sculptures have also proved popular as items to hang on people's walls. He also produced a series of drawings and watercolours that would also look stunning in most contemporary homes.

In order to add a touch of class and culture to one's home, many choose art print reproductions. There is a huge variety of available artworks, covering every different art movement that you can think of. There are also then the different options open to you with regards customising your final print, which vary across different retailers. There are also a growing number of companies who only work online but provide a highly professional service and can ship internationally. In our experience, and Amazon offer the best quality prints, but many others are also available, depending on where you are based. Rodin has become a popular choice, even though his main medium was, of course, sculpture. Whilst there are some sculpture reproductions out there, most prefer photographic prints of his most famous works. In some cases, tourists might have visited the museum dedicated to the artist and want to hang something on their wall to remind them of this trip. In other cases they maybe fond of a particular artwork and want to remember it in this way.

The best retailers will offer huge selections of your favourite artists, particularly when they have perhaps away centuries ago, making copyright irrelevant. Most notable sculptors are in that category and so photos of their work can be offered without extra fees having to be paid. Rodin has achieved great fame within European art history and so there is a desire to cover his career in great depth. He remains highly regarded and much loved and so prints of his sculptures will always be in high demand. His style was also relatively contemporary and this allows his work to appeal to the young as well as the old. Those interested in his career can be sculptors themselves, art students who are starting to learn different disciplines or even those just more generally interested in the many different facets of French art, be it painting or sculpture. Rodin was someone, after all, who managed to draw some of these disciplines together through his incredible imagination.

Whilst choosing the right artwork will normally take the most time, there are other factors to consider as well. For example, a framed print will look smarter on your wall and for those that can afford it, it is generally worth it. You can then add a cover over the print, from glass or plastic, as well as a small piece of card that sits between frame and artwork in order to allow the original photograph to breathe more comfortably. These options best suit contemporary homes, where precision and professional finishes are much more appropriate. Always consider the impact of your decisions on potential shipping costs, though, as these can grow as you start to widen the print and add extras on top. Some will offer discounts or special offers that can blow these concerns away, and signing up to email offers can be worthwhile if you are not in a hurry for your chosen item. The likes of and Amazon do provide us with small commissions if you make purchases with them.

Rodin was such an exciting sculptor who felt nature and humanity within his work. His creations were extraordinary and still today find new followers, partly due to their celebration of the human body as well as Rodin's ability to capture the intricacy of the human form. This was achieved by an extraordinary attention to detail which included endless amendments as well as a huge number of study sculptures which have since been preserved within his old home, that has now been converted into a museum. He often spoke about his desire for perfection and how a completed artwork should have been planned so well that it could handle light from any angle and in any intensity. In that way, comparisons can be made with Monet, who went into a similar level of study with regards his paintings. Whilst the latter concerned himself with the likes of water lilies and haystacks, Rodin was devoted entirely to the human anatomy.

Popular Art Prints of Famous Sculptures

It is fair to say that as good as Rodin was, he is not the only notable sculptor from the past few centuries. As such, his work is only a small section of the most popular art prints, with many other famous sculptures also being sought after as photographic prints. You will be unsurprised to find that Michelangelo's David is the most popular, possibly for those who see it in person and want to remember the beauty of this piece within their own home. After this, you will then find the likes of Bernini, Donatello and Ghiberti included, as well as some of Michelangelo's other sculptures too. One advantage for Rodin is that he actually employed professional photographers to capture much of his life, and this means there is a great number of high quality photographs from his lifetime available to us today. He seemed to understand the importance of this medium and as a visual person often preferred it to endless note taking or interviews. Some of his creations would also go through huge amounts of amendments over time and so he liked to be able to refer back to previous states of the sculptures at a later date in order to review their progress and perhaps learn lessons for later projects.