As a result, the sailors would sink to their doom due to the songs sung by the sirens. A detailed look into the myth would make you understand that the sirens were winged creatures who obtained their abilities from Demeter and were sent to search for the young abducted Persephone. However, the sirens failed in their search for Persephone, and as a result, they were cursed.

A detailed look into the sculpture would enable one to depict a smooth curvy and wavy flow at the edges of the painting. As a result, one can be able to conclude that the sirens were watery creatures due to the undulating nature of the sculptures. It is also worth noting that most sirens were either women or birds. Similarly, the sculptures bring into notice three characters who appear to be feminine. Ironically, the statue depicts women as calm and wavy, which is contrary to the standard order of things. As a result, most of the sculptures completed by Rodin are considered exciting and fun to look at.

Most of the sculptures done by Rodin were criticised during his time. However, modern art has embraced most of his works and even titled him as the father of sculptures. It's also worth mention that most of the works done by Rodin were out of passion and had a hidden meaning within. In addition, most of his work brings out characters modeled with realism and physicality. As a result, he is considered as one of the best sculptors to have ever lived.

Lastly, the sculpture is currently located at the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia and was made in France. Also, the bronze sculpture was modeled in clay in 1887 and cast in bronze in the year. Rodin was a French citizen called François-Auguste-René Rodin. He died at the age of 77, seventeen years after most of his work was appreciated.