The piece of art brings in multiple levels of experience with it. These include the perfect outline between the bodies done in pale. Furthermore, the perfectly clasped bodies of the two are on a colorful background. As a result, the artistic world is left with nothing but the two characters as their point of focus. Also, most analysts believe that this piece is a continuation of his earlier piece titled A Reef at the Bottom of the Sea-Two Embracing Figures.

The painting is based on a colorful background that seems to be of blood red backstage curtain. To illustrate this, we can see the environment to be having wavy strips. For this reason, we can only conclude that they are on stage and were doing a play. Also, the floor is red, suggesting that the whole painting was done on stage. Given the above, we can easily conclude that these were two love birds who were rushing into each other's arms. However, we can also dismiss these facts and claim that they were a real couple having a moment after the show or before a play.

Artists have various ways of representing their thoughts and mines through pieces of art. This can either be in the form of painting or even sculpture. In addition, some artist can usually decide and go big with their work and do both. One such known artist is Rodin, the father of modern sculptures. In today's article, we are going to have a look at a piece titled Standing Embracing Couple, by Auguste Rodin.

In conclusion, we can talk of Rodin as a twisted artist who leaves behind a gaping audience. This is because pieces of art like The Standing Embracing Couple, leave behind a divided audience who can only make many conclusions about the piece. For this reason, we are going to allow you to come up with your theory about the piece. The 1900 painting is currently located at Museum of Rodin and is of dimensions 49.8 x 33 cm.