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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edvard Munch is a famous Norwegian artist known for producing some incredible pieces during his lifetime. Head of a dog is one of the most popular pieces by the Norwegian artist. Munch, in his later years developed a very close relationship with his dogs after he withdrew from the society.

At this time, he experienced an anxiety attack following the death of his mother and sister in 1908. During his alone time, he developed the profound and close relationship with his dogs. In fact, he went with his dogs everywhere, including the local cinema. If his dogs barked during a film, he would interpret it as a signal that the film was bad and leave the cinema immediately. His love for dogs prompted the creation of this piece and other pieces. The painting features a Pooch as the subject. Only the head of the Pooch, without the even the neck are portrayed in the panting. Edvard Munch created this painting in 1930. It features an Expressionism style. It is a very colorful painting with a lot of dark colors including a lot of dark colors.

The color green and black are very dominant in the photo especially around the head, ears and eyes. One side of the painting features light and dark orange colors. The other side features an explosion of dark colors and some red and orange in the background. The Head of a Dog is made with oil on a 46 by 38 cm canvas. There have been a lot of recreations of this painting over the years. However, the original painting is currently located at the Munch Museum in Oslo Norway. Most, if not all of his paintings currently belong to this museum.

In addition to The Head of a Dog, Edvard Munch also created other pieces with dogs as the subject. His passion and love for his dogs prompted some of his best creations. For instance, Edvard Munch created the Large and Small Dog. This painting features two dogs as the subject presented in an expressionism style. This painting was created more than a decade before The Head of a Dog, particularly in 1912. He also created the St Bernhard Dog in Snow and In the Kennel. Edvard Munch also created several paintings featuring animals away from his usual works depicting inner psychological states. Other than The Head of a Dog, Edvard Munch is popular for paintings like The Scream, Love and Pain, Anxiety, Melancholy and Kiss by the Window. These are just a few of the more than that a thousand paintings by the Norwegian artist.